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2024 US presidential election: main issues between Trump and Biden

By knl9j May13,2024

At the center of the presidential election debates in November are issues related to foreign policy, immigration, abortion, and inflation.

The same two candidates square off in November for the presidency four years later. Joe Biden highlights the threat that Donald Trump poses to democracy once more. However, surveys indicate that Americans are not primarily concerned about this dread. The issues that most energize voters are national security, women’s rights, inflation, and the US’s role in the world.

American voters have similar options to those they had four years ago as the 2024 presidential contest heats up, and many are not happy about it.

A recent Pew Research Center survey reveals that, with the election still over six months away, there is a virtual tie in the presidential race: 49% of registered voters support or lean toward voting for Donald Trump, while 48% support or lean toward Joe Biden.

The contest’s distinguishing feature is the general lack of confidence voters have in both candidates for a number of important characteristics, such as respect for democratic norms, personal integrity, and suitability for public office.

Where Trump wins: A majority of voters (36%) and (38%) express extreme or high confidence in Trump’s ability to fulfill the duties of the presidency due to his physical and mental fitness.

Significantly fewer (15% are at least very confidence in Biden’s physical condition, compared to 21% who are extremely or very sure in his cerebral fitness) feel the same way about him. The majority of people claim that they have little to no faith in Biden’s physical and mental health.

Where Biden wins: Voters are more inclined to believe that Biden (34%) will act morally in office than they are to believe that Trump (26%) will. Furthermore, while 38% of respondents say they have at least very high confidence in Biden to uphold the nation’s democratic values, just 34% say the same of Trump. The poll was done prior to the commencement of Trump’s New York City “hush money” trial.

The status of the presidential contest in 2024

The latest Center survey, conducted April 8–14, 2024, among 8,709 persons, including 7,166 registered voters, reveals significant differences in voters’ preferred candidates according on factors such as age, education level, and race/ethnicity. Younger voters and those with a four-year college degree are more likely to support Biden than Trump, as they did in 2020.

Large majorities of people who are older and lack a college degree support Trump.

Between the racial and ethnic groupings:

Trump is far more popular among white voters (56%) than Biden (42%) is.
Approximately 77% of Black voters are in favor of Biden, while only 18% are in favor of Trump.
Hispanic voters are split more evenly, with 44% supporting Trump and 52% supporting Biden.
Biden is preferred by Asian voters (59%) over Trump (36%).

The majority of 2020 voters still support the same candidate in 2024. Validated 2020 voters overwhelmingly back the same candidate this year: 91% of those who voted for Biden and 94% of those who voted for Trump. The percentage of registered voters who did not cast a ballot in 2020 is roughly evenly split: 48% favor Trump and 46% support Biden.

Who wins in the 2024 election “really matters,” according to the majority of voters. According to 69% of voters today, it matters a lot who wins this November’s presidential election. This is a little less than the 74% of respondents who stated the same thing in April 2020 regarding the election of that year. The percentage of supporters of Biden and Trump who believe the outcome of the presidential race matters is almost equal.

On the 2024 ballot, roughly half of voters would choose to replace both Biden and Trump.
Nearly half of registered voters (49%) say they would replace both Biden and Trump on the ballot if they could choose the major party candidates for the 2024 election, expressing their displeasure with the Biden-Trump contest.

Particularly likely to claim that they would swap out both candidates if given the chance are Biden’s followers. Approximately 62% of people have this opinion, as opposed to 35% of Trump supporters.

Significant age disparities exist in these opinions as well: 66% of voters under 30 say they would replace both candidates if given the option, compared to 54% of those between 30 and 49 and 43% of those over 50.


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