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Taylor Swift: the biggest surprises of her first unforgettable Paris La Défense Arena concert

By knl9j May11,2024

WE WERE The American singer launched her “Eras Tour” in France on May 9, 2024, the first of four concerts. A show with multiple global premieres.

Taylor Swift followers had “underlined in red” May 9, 2024 on their calendars for a long time. It is rare for the world’s most famous singer to spend four days in our country. Better yet, the Pennsylvania musician performed a best-of show, The Eras Tour, rather than his current album, The Tortured Poets Department, released on April 19.

Taylor Swift’s globe tour allows her to reflect on her “eras” and career. She’s 34, and her albums are her personal diaries, not just musical chapters with her country, pop, and folk inspirations. The young girl who became a young woman and a global muse, the romantic who alternated between dreamt idylls and terrible disillusionments, and the shy young American who was the center of attention and criticism are all cascading events.

For Eras Tour concerts, Taylor Swift’s autobiographical work is reviewed. The singer-songwriter’s ten studio albums include classics like Shake It Off and Blank Space and some daring choices. Enough to please Paris La Défense Arena’s broad population, from the youngest to the oldest fans, from the most dedicated experts to those overwhelmed by the events.

Taylor Swift performed a frenzied show for the enormous Parisian, French, European, and American crowd. Taylor Swift came on the massive stage in the heart of a big flower after Paramore’s energetic opening show. Taylor Swift fans who studied before the concert were unsurprised by her introduction. The Eras Tour began across the Atlantic a while ago, and Disney+ streams this magnificent 3.5-hour concert.

However, some supporters were eager to be surprised. Eras Tour is a popular chaptered show. The singer compares our memories to a doll’s house where we visit each room. You can tell where you are in Swiftian chronology by color.

If Taylor Swift is organized, she manages her rhythm and doesn’t follow a ridiculous chronological pattern. She started with Lover (2019). Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince, Cruel Summer, You Need To Calm Down, and The Man were heard. A thunderous start as Taylor Swift flexes (with a smile) and proves she is not the media’s “little bride of America”. She flaunts her dominance. Lack of humility is refreshing and welcome.

Next came Fearless (2008) and Red (2012). We enter Taylor Swift’s time machine. Its longevity and ability to bring back memories for early admirers. Since Taylor Swift didn’t wait for 1989 (2014) to become success. Arena’s passion for You Belong With Me and Love Story shines. After these youthful titles with effective romantic overtones, Taylor Swift displayed her claws with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, a hymn to decisive separation, or the charming I Know You Were Trouble.

Gifts for Paris
Taylor Swift spoke sparingly between songs. She thanked her audience and used the typical French words that work for American artists in Paris. However, she didn’t waste time or breath. She didn’t attend stand-up or meetings. She must sing dozens of songs without stopping (except to change outfits).

She took the microphone to surprise. The 10-minute version of All To Well was the first to please fans. Great ending to his Scarlet Red phase. He showed remarkable memory and attention. His interpretive clarity and passion in three eras impress us.

Eras follow each other but differ. With Enchanted, the singer continues the Speak Now (2010) phase, then Reputation with…Ready For It and Look What You Made Me Do. Taylor is vengeful in this latest hit, reclaiming the snake Kim Kardashian, her best nemesis, put to her skin. A song developed with Jack Antonoff, with whom Taylor Swift changed her style, sounds better on album and music video than on Eras Tour re-orchestration.

The popular sister eras folklore and evermore, which are tied to the epidemic, get a good amount of the program. Stage aesthetics are appealing. Sometimes good, sometimes “too much”. A stage cabin is recreated. A storybook woodland appears on screen. A pagan woods witch appearance is achieved with artificial moss on the piano. This Eras Tour’s uncommon flaws are in its artistic direction and scenography, even though Taylor Swift’s dancers, backup singers, and musicians are flawless. Some inspired visual effects with successful illusions compete with old computer-generated sceneries and landscapes that should have remained backgrounds from 2008. Good thing Taylor Swift keeps going. The American must see her masterpiece 1989. In the middle of her marathon, this chapter recalls the singer’s biggest hits:Style, Blank Space, Shake It Off, Wildest Dreams

& Bad Blood. Songs that even secular audiences knew by heart. World exclusivity unexpectedly intervened…

First time
We mentioned in the opening that Taylor Swift has to capitalize on her current era since she published a new album. Fans heard The Tortured Poets Department’s extended sequence for a few weeks. Paris discovered the Eras Tour’s initial sequence. As “Female Rage: The Musical”, this chapter has 7 songs. A wide range of 31 songs on this surprising double album.

Taylor Swift’s album debuted with the single “But Daddy I Love Him,” which has been trending on social media since April. The lyrics question the singer’s pregnancy. Then came So High Shool, Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me?, Down Bad, Fortnight, The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived, and I Can Do It With A Broken Heart Stage premieres that energized Arena audiences. Taylor Swift’s paintings are the evening’s most successful and elegant for The Tortured Poets Department. Everything works—acting with his dancers, inclined floor, white outfit, typewriter—and we dream of a concert about this cosmos.

Taylor Swift, always generous, dedicated a sequence to our capital, city of love, with her song Paris (which everyone was waiting for) and loml on the piano. Another first live performance.

Taylor Swift ended her incredible journey with Midnights. To accompany the night’s heart was necessary. Another seven songs, including Lavender Haze, Bejeweled, Anti-Hero, and Karma.

Like all “best of” presentations, some fans may be sad to miss their favorite song, an obscure treasure at the bottom of an unknown album’s tracklist. However, Taylor Swift couldn’t have chosen better. The vocalist carefully aligned all essentials.

Taylor Swift, sometimes mischievous, smiles for more than three hours without showing her effort. She twirls, plays with the volume of her vaporous costumes, walks with determination by multiplying her arm and hand movements, and transforms into a witch, seductress, viper, or Juliet without hesitation, in perfect control, and with an honesty and universality that touches the public. She’s not the world’s strongest singer for nothing.élules-franceélules-france.htmlélules-france.184901678–prix-france

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