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Tourism Minister Olivia Grégoire carefully visited the US before the Paris Olympics.

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One of Olivia Grégoire’s primary responsibilities is to “reassure American customers” about the safety of the Olympic Games.

Games of the Olympic Convincing and seducing operations respectively. Exactly two months prior to the Olympic Games, Olivia Grégoire set out on a quest of extraordinary significance. In particular, the Minister of Tourism is flying to New York this week in order to reassure American tourists about the safety of Paris during the Olympic Games, according to a statement released by her office on Monday, May 13.

clients from the United States are now the second foreign clients to have purchased tickets for the Olympic Games after customers from other countries. According to the information provided by an advisor, the minister will therefore communicate a message to reassure American customers during this period, particularly with regard to issue of security.

“In light of the anniversary of the landing in Normandy, the objective will also be to promote the French destination more widely as a whole in order to encourage American tourists to visit our many regions,” he added. “Today marks the anniversary of the landing in Normandy.”

sixteen percent of tickets purchased by Americans

Numbers supplied by the company indicate that the number of air arrivals from the United States has increased by forty-five percent throughout the Olympic time. Furthermore, out of the two million tickets that were purchased overseas for the Olympics, sixteen percent were acquired by Americans, making them the second largest international clientele after the British.

Additionally, in 2023, American clients contributed more than 6.2 billion euros in revenue in France, which is equivalent to 10% of the total revenue generated internationally. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, coming from the same source. Additionally, Olivia Grégoire will promote French expertise in the fields of gastronomy, arts and crafts, and fashion when she is in New York from Wednesday through Friday.

The government is required to make an announcement regarding a support plan for the fashion and garment sector by the end of this summer. The trip to New York will serve as “an opportunity to refine future announcements,” with discussions centered on sustainable fashion.

On June 18, the French government presented its plan to manage visitor flows in an effort to reduce congestion at specific sites during certain times of the year. The strategy was implemented in an effort to regulate visitor flows. In order to implement this approach, a national observatory will be established for significant tourist sites, the acceptability of visitor flows will be measured among locals, and awareness will be raised among tourists and influential individuals across the country.

It is not the responsibility of the government to command and control everything from on high. “There is no other field that is as shared as tourism, between the government, the regions, the departments, and the communes,” Olivia Grégoire,

the minister for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), trade, crafts, and tourism, stated in an interview with Le Figaro on Sunday. “But it’s up to the government, hand in hand with the regions, with the tourist sites, to set up methods to inform tourists and residents, or even to support communes in flow management measures.”

On Tuesday, June 13, Alliance France Tourisme, an organization that brings together businesses in the tourist industry, referred to “France’s belated awareness,” stating that the country was now one of the destinations sentenced to “over-tourism,” when in the past it had been comparatively spared from the effects of “over-tourism.” In March of 2024, the government will launch a campaign with a budget of one million euros to encourage domestic and international tourists “to adapt their destination choices and schedules.

” This campaign will be in addition to the pooling of information through a digital platform on best practices and legislation, a guide, and an observatory. In addition to activities that encourage “year-round” tourism and alternative, off-the-beaten-path tours, the campaign will also include other activities.

During the final three months of 2023, a number of working groups will be established. One of these groups will be comprised of specialist influencers, with the objective of ensuring that they no longer promote the overcrowding of specific locations.

Another group will be comprised of tourist offices, with the specific goal of better integrating the expectations of local populations into tourism plans. A number of regions said that they were unable to carry out a diagnosis and implement a flow management strategy because they lacked the necessary financial and personnel resources. Consequently, in response, Atout France has set aside a budget of 1.5 million euros to provide assistance to fifteen to thirty pilot districts.–66431132c5ba0#goto6857त-ल-घट-उन-र-स-व-स-थ-यक-ल-ग-आश-जनक-सह-यत-nepal.html—-nepal-947824496त-ल-घट-उन-र-स-व-स-थ-यक-ल-ग-आश-जनक-सह-यत-nepal.html

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