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Zack Snyder hasn’t struck in years. His recent Netflix smash is ‘Rebel Moon’

By knl9j May4,2024

An study of his career suggests a disturbing pattern.

Zack Snyder has had few box office disasters. However, since he went from being a biller of more or less infallible blockbusters to a creator obsessed with production company control (and multiplying his films’ versions, seeking to satisfy fans and the box office with director’s cuts of all his proposals), its box office infallibility is in question.

Filmography of hits… Snyder began his career with a succession of box office flops that made him industry leader. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ earned over $100 million on a 26 million budget. ‘300’, 456 collections over 60 budget. man of steel grossed 668 vs. 225 budget. Over $800 million was made by ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ with a similar budget. Even a tougher film like ‘Ga’Hoole: Legend of the Guardians’ earned close to double its 80 million budget.

…and failures. His artistic goals and fireman beliefs ensured failure from the start. Despite being his best film, ‘Sucker Punch’ only raised 89 million of the 82 it cost, indicating losses. Although ‘Watchmen‘ had no major losses, it was a failure with 187 million raised against a 150 million budget. In particular, renewing ‘Watchmen’ for DC was a relative failure since its non-material benefit is hard to evaluate. It may have reimbursed him more. Snyder was a valuable asset at Warner, but he was no guarantee of success.

The crucial moment. The strange story of ‘Justice League’ (Snyder had to leave the filming of DC’s ‘The Avengers’ due to the tragic death of his daughter, and Joss Whedon replaced him, leaving her unrecognizable with reshoots and a montage that betrayed Snyder’s original concept) was a before and after for him. The film started the DC hero film catastrophe, with more pain than joy from then on, and the disastrous #releasethesnydercut movement, which showed fans’ intervention in majors’ plans before and after.

Compete with Netflix. As with many of his films, ‘Army of the Dead’ was based on ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and Netflix wanted its own version. Zombies franchise. It failed: a protracted narrative and a bizarre prequel, ‘Army of Thieves’, were canceled. ‘Rebel Moon‘ was a retread of Snyder’s ‘Star Wars’ notion, and its second-hand status is clear.

The new ‘Rebel Moon’ prick. The second chapter of Rebel Moon has gone to the top of the most viewed films this week on the platform, but its numbers are much lower than the first installment. Snyder has already given it the worst evaluations of the race. The filmmaker claims that the films’ authentic versions are in the future Snyder’s Cut, already a virtually inseparable part of his filmography, although it seems more like an excuse than anything else. Snyder needs a career boost, but Netflix’s blank cheques seem to hurt him.

After its first week on Netflix, Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, the second installment in Zack Snyder’s galactic odyssey, dropped in viewership. Snyder’s Rebel Moon is a darker, more adult take on Star Wars, inspired by George Lucas. Part Two follows Kora and the remaining warriors as they return to Veldt and are quickly pursued by Admiral Noble’s dreadnoughts.

Rebel Moon – Part 2 reached 44 million viewing hours in its first three days after debuting on April 19. Snyder’s latest film underperformed its predecessor, which grossed 54 million in the same time, causing concerns. In its first week on Netflix, Rebel Moon 2’s viewing hours plummeted to 38.8 million.

Part Two’s first-week watching stats are close to Netflix’s recent Original rom-com Irish Wish, starring Lindsay Lohan, which had 40 million hours. While the numbers are identical, Irish Wish cost a fraction of Snyder’s CGI and slow-motion sci-fi epic.

Rebel Moon 2 slipped dramatically in Netflix’s Top 10 chart a few days after the numbers were obtained. Snyder’s film was second to 2023’s Anyone But You from April 22nd to 28th. Part Two ranks seventh on Netflix. Anyone although You remains #1, although Miller’s Girl, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Hack Your Health: Secrets of Your Gut, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and King Richard biography have dethroned Rebel Moon 2.

Rebel Moon’s issues go beyond viewership, unfortunately for Zack Snyder fans. Rebel Moon – Part One and Part Two have poor Rotten Tomatoes ratings of 21% and 15%, respectively.

After Part Two, Snyder’s Rebel Moon journey continues. Snyder’s Netflix contract requires him to release a director’s cut of the two existing films. Snyder told the Associated Press in January that Rebel Moon’s R-rated edit is “almost a different universe that [the R-rated cut] lives in than this movie.” Snyder told the DGA Director’s edit podcast that Rebel Moon’s R-rated edit will hit Netflix “in the summer” instead of before Rebel Moon – Part Two.

The new animated series Twilight of the Gods will take Snyder’s followers away from his epic saga. The Norse-inspired adult-animated series follows Sigrid, a Viking warrior who seeks revenge on the deity that spoiled her wedding. Netflix will release Twilight of the Gods this fall.–663618f4d0f3d#goto6542

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