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James Gunn’s new Superman is known: Director posts first hero image on social media

By knl9j May7,2024

In the movie that will bring the DC Universe back from the brink of collapse, David Corenswet plays the role of the hero of Krypton.

Superman: Legacy’ is a relaunch of the DC Universe that is now being prepared by the filmmaker in collaboration with producer Peter Safran. Both Corenswet and Gunn had provided little previews of what the costume that Superman will wear in the film would look like. However, up until this point, we have not had the opportunity to view the complete outfit, which Gunn (and Corenswet) uses to depict the hero in a circumstance that is rather commonplace: putting on his boots before confronting a threat in Metropolis.

It is abundantly evident that the costume is a continuation of the uniforms that we have seen in previous years, particularly in the version that Henry Cavill has portrayed. The one thing that is different is that in this rendition, Superman wears the classic red trunks outside of him, which is causing fans of the original Man of Steel comics to welcome Gunn’s vision.

The fact that we do not see Superman flipping an extraterrestrial creature upside down, flying through the skies of Metropolis, or traveling through space is without a doubt the most peculiar aspect of the image. Instead, we see him in a scenario that is almost ridiculous, which brings him down to the level of people. An method that is clearly similar to the superhero films directed by James Gunn, which typically remove the legendary elements from the characters through the use of humor, is the one being discussed here.

‘Superman: Legacy‘ is the first picture to return to the forefront of DC superhero cinema, even anticipating the sequel to ‘The Batman’ to be released. One of the few films that is dated from the so-called Chapter 1 of this new DC Universe, it will be released on July 11 and will be one of the few films that we will witness. The image of Gunn comes to illustrate that we can still experience a certain expectation of what is to come, despite the fact that there is more discourse about “superhero fatigue” than there is about the next films in the category.

Although it will be another fourteen months until the Superman movie directed by James Gunn is released in theaters, we have now been given the opportunity to take a peek at the new outfit that the superhero will be wearing.

The highly anticipated reveal of the costume, which was made public by Gunn on his social media accounts yesterday (May 6), has been met with substantial opposition from a number of different people. In point of fact, the new outfit that the DC Cinematic Universe (DCU) hero is wearing has sparked a great deal of debate, whether it be over the design of the suit itself or the manner in which the photograph has been captured.

The photograph in question is presented here for those individuals who have not yet seen it:

Additionally, as was noted, this is the very first time that we have seen a complete photograph of Superman’s new outfit. Gunn revealed a first look at the outfit in March, at the same time that he announced a change in the film’s title, which had previously been referred to as Superman: Legacy. On the other hand, the close-up photo just showed us what the logo of the outfit would look like; therefore, it is high time that we were shown the entire suit.

Almost immediately after its presentation, devoted DC Comics fans pointed out that the new suit worn by the Last Son of Krypton is obviously modeled after the 52 comic book series published by the comic book giant. It has been speculated for a long time that the first DC Universe Chapter One film, which is scheduled to be released in July 2025, will be greatly influenced by the comics that were popular during the late 1990s. With those eye-catching, nearly knee-length red boots, a modest collar, and the return of Superman’s classic red trunks, fans, including myself, are even more sure that Gunn is drawing from a variety of 52 different narratives and character arcs for his first attempt in the DC Universe.

At the same time that it is gratifying to have an official look at the Superman that will be released in 2025, there are a great number of fans who are not quite enamored with the design of the costume. In accordance with what I mentioned before, DC fans have not been hesitant about expressing their opinions over the outfit. Numerous posts have appeared on Reddit and ResetEra, each of which contains a wide range of responses that are contradictory to one another. In light of this, it would appear that a number of fans who are not enthusiastic about it will want the opportunity to observe how the suit appears and moves in the movie itself before they would change their minds (or double down) on their initial impressions.

However, there is one thing that fans of DC Comics appear to be in agreement on, and that is the fact that the first official image of Superman looks to hint at the principal antagonist of the film. The fact that a massive, purple-pink laser is being shot into the center of Metropolis appears to be a clear indication that none other than Brainiac, one of Superman’s most notable opponents, would be present.

In point of fact, not only are the colors of such laser widely linked with the highly intelligent robot who was born in Colu, but he also plays a big role in the 52 comics sequel series, which is ingeniously named The New 52, as well as in its own follow-up series, DC Rebirth. Therefore, it is probable that Gunn’s Superman picture may also draw influence from these two current comic books, in addition to the 52 roster, in order to develop its own tale and establish the larger DC Universe.

Without a doubt, Brainiac has been featured prominently in a number of different DC Comics books. Since the character who is also known as Vril Dox made his debut in Action Comics #242 in 1958, which was only one of many comics that were published during the Silver Age, he has been around for a considerable amount of time thus far. Oh, and he is also the person that is responsible for’saving’ Kandor, which is the capital city of Krypton and the place where Superman/Clark Kent was born. He did this by shrinking it down and placing it inside a glass jar for safekeeping (which means he preserved Krypton’s knowledge for his own selfish purposes).

In the event that Brainiac is the principal nemesis of Superman 2025, is it possible that this Kandor-centered plot point will be incorporated into the storyline? This would undoubtedly provide the titular superhero with a motive to prevent Earth, which is Brainiac’s most likely new target and Clark’s adopted home, from experiencing a fate comparable to that of Earth. If you think about it, ‘Supes’ might even end up with the bottle jar-based Kandor and, just like in the comics, spend some time attempting to bring it back to its regular size. Only time will tell. For the time being, you can watch every single Superman movie that has been released up to this point on Max (in the United States), Sky/Now TV (in the United Kingdom), and Binge (in Australia).–6639f0c67c8aa#goto6644!-musterilerden-gelen-yorumlar-maliyet-turkey-by-detox-care-damla

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