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US Catholic Church apologizes for Native American ‘trauma’

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On Friday, June 14, the American Catholic Church acknowledged its share in “the trauma” that was inflicted upon Native Americans and expressed its regret, particularly with reference to the policy of requiring Native Americans to assimilate into the white population in boarding schools.

On Friday, June 14, the American Catholic bishops acknowledged their part in “the trauma” that was inflicted upon Native Americans and expressed their regret, particularly with regard to the children who were taken away from their families and placed in boarding schools in order to ensure that they were assimilated against their will.

Monday, June 14 (Reuters) – Native Americans were handed an apology by the Catholic bishops of the United States on Friday for the role that the church played in inflicting suffering on their communities. Additionally, new criteria for ministering to indigenous Catholics were taken into consideration.

The new policies, which were approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, include a number of directives that require church leaders to establish listening sessions with local Native American leaders, incorporate tribal customs into sacred rites, and improve access to Catholic universities and other educational opportunities for Native Americans.

Some of the abuses that Native Americans endured at the hands of the church were detailed in the paper. These abuses included the church’s running of more than eighty government-sponsored boarding schools that were a part of a forced assimilation scheme that lasted for decades.

The schools were established by the federal government in the nineteenth century and continued for a period of one hundred fifty years. During this time, Native American children were taken away from their families, they were not allowed to use their native languages, and they were given new names in English.

Substantial amounts of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as hundreds of deaths, were discovered during an investigation conducted by the government into the institution.

For example, the document stated that “these tragedies” led to addiction, spousal abuse, abandonment, and neglect that devastated families. “The Church recognizes that it has played a part in traumas experienced by Native children,” the letter added.

Elsewhere, the bishops expressed their regret for the wrongs that had been committed.

Members of the church are urged to “be open to cooperating with tribal and other government investigations into any Catholic involvement in ethnic abuse,” which includes boarding schools, according to the guidelines.

According to what was stated in the letter, a significant number of the newly implemented measures are intended to bridge the gap that some Native Americans believe exists between their Catholic identities and their tribal heritage.

“For Native Catholics who feel this tension, we assure you, as the Catholic bishops of the United States, that you do not have to be one or the other,” according to the official statement. “Since you are both. The Church is grateful for the way in which you have embodied the faith in your culture.

According to the bishops conference, it is estimated that around twenty percent of all Native Americans identify as Catholics. Furthermore, out of the more than sixteen thousand parishes in the United States, more than three hundred and forty serve mostly Native American congregations.


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