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Truncated Joe Biden videos are criticized by the White House.

By knl9j Jun19,2024

Videos that have gone popular on social networks appear to overshadow the state of health of the 81-year-old president of the United States of America, whose age causes many issues among supporters of the electoral process.

The United States of America is becoming increasingly engrossed in this contentious issue. On Monday, June 17, the White House issued a statement condemning the dissemination of tapes by the conservative camp that were purported to demonstrate a mental and physical decline of Joe Biden. The White House argued that the photos had been abridged and subjected to manipulation.

During her daily press briefing, Karine Jean-Pierre, the spokesperson for the American executive, stated that “this shows you how desperate the Republicans are.” She was referring to “cheapfake videos” in her statement.

Her response was in response to the recent dissemination of brief recordings that, at first glance, appear to be damning for the President of the United States of America. These movies have been broadcast on social networks, by conservative media, most notably the New York Post, or by an official account of the Republican Party.

In one of the films, the Democrat, who is 81 years old, looks to be absolutely lost as he watches a skydiving show with other G7 leaders during a conference that took place in Italy last week. It was revealed by Karine Jean-Pierre that Joe Biden had purposefully walked away from the group in order to offer his congratulations to one of the paratroopers. This is something that we now understand “by allowing the video to continue for a little bit longer.”

During a concert that was recently held at the White House, there was a close-up shot of Joe Biden that was interpreted by the octogenarian’s detractors as an instance of mental uncertainty. This was another sequence that received a lot of attention on social networks. There was the president present, and he was listening to the music; nonetheless, he did not dance. You are going to excuse me. I had no idea that a lack of dancing was a sign of a health condition,” Karine Jean-Pierre said. “I was completely unaware of that.”

Last but not least, the White House was incensed this past weekend after a video that was recorded from a political meeting in Los Angeles (California) was disseminated in the conservative and Trumpist spheres of the internet. On stage, we observe Joe Biden looking as like he is completely lost. Just then, his predecessor, Barack Obama, grabs his wrist and leads him out of the room.

Using the social network, Andrew Bates, another representative for the White House, voiced his disapproval of the New York Post, stating that the publication “once again disrespects its readers.” It was reaffirmed by the spokesperson that the only reason the President of the United States had remained on the stage was to take pleasure in the cheers of his fans.

According to polls, the age of the currently serving president of the United States is a major issue among voters, and it is also a recurrent area of attack from his formidable opponent, Donald Trump. The former president and Republican candidate, who is 78 years old and not that much younger than Joe Biden, does not raise the same worries about his physical and mental form as Joe Biden does.!-paraguay-by-ecolait-paraguay


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