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US: almost 75,000 healthcare workers strike.

By knl9j Mar27,2024

Beginning on Wednesday, the American hospital company Kaiser Permanente has been impacted by a strike movement that has never been seen before.

A total of over 75,000 workers across four states have temporarily halted their employment and are demanding, among other things, a raise in their salary.

A strike that will last for three days was initiated on Wednesday, October 4, by more than 75,000 employees of Kaiser Permanente, which is one of the major hospital systems in the United States. The walkout was initiated in order to demand improved working conditions. This social conflict is the most recent of a lengthy series of that have occurred this year.

This is the most significant campaign to shake up health services in the United States, according to the coalition of unions that called for this strike in particular in the states of California, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington in order to criticize ” unfair labor practices.”

Due to the time difference, the strike started in the morning on the East Coast and then expanded to the West Coast, which is where the majority of the group’s personnel is located. Tens of thousands of hospitals and hundreds of medical institutions are under the management of Kaiser Permanente.

On the picket lines in Los Angeles, workers indicated that they were not paid adequately and that they were overworked. According to Armando Velasco, a radiology technician, “many colleagues have left since the pandemic, and they have not been replaced despite the fact that they have left.” On top of that, he continued, “And now we are on the brink of the precipice.”

The rising cost of living in Southern California is making it increasingly difficult for nurse Kathy Lozoya to maintain her current standard of living. “Kaiser Permanente has made billions of dollars in profits, and all we are asking of Kaiser officials is to share those profits with the workers on the front lines,” she added. “Kaiser Permanente has made significant profits.”

The demands the unions are making include, among other things, increases in salaries and safeguards against the outsourcing of particular services. According to Renee Saldana, a spokesman for SEIU-UHW, which is one of the unions, “Employees are really under pressure right now,” she told CNN. She went on to say that as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, “they have been through the worst global health crisis in a generation, and then they come out of it and have to worry about paying their rent, they are afraid of losing their house, and they are afraid of [having to] live in their car.”

According to Kaiser Permanente, which has its headquarters in Oakland, California, the company expressed its “disappointment” on the strike call and stated that it intended to maintain the operation of its medical centers throughout the strike. On the other hand, the group stated that lengthier wait times are to be anticipated.

On Wednesday, Kaiser stated that “a lot of progress” had been achieved in the negotiations and that the parties had reached agreements on “several proposals Tuesday evening.” He also stated that the negotiations had been going well. According to a statement that was reported by a number of different media outlets, “Kaiser Permanente management and representatives of the coalition of unions are still at the negotiating table.”

Within the states of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, the strike is anticipated to last for a full day. Observation of the movement is required for the majority of other participating personnel for a period of three days, till Saturday morning. In the event that the demands of health workers are not satisfied, the coalition of unions has warned that a new strike may be called in the month of noiembrie.

A number of high-profile strikes have been witnessed in the United States during the past several months, ranging from the automobile industry to the film and television industry. These strikes have occurred against the backdrop of overall inflation.



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