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United States: Ship hits Baltimore bridge, collapses.

By knl9j Mar26,2024

At the time of the bridge’s collapse into the ocean, people were working on it, according to the original information.

The number of people killed is still unknown, but the photographs make us fear the worst possible outcome. The Francis Scott Key, a road bridge that was many kilometers long, collapsed in Baltimore, Mayrland, in the United States of America on the night of Monday to Tuesday, March 26, 2024.It was a ship that was responsible for the instant destruction of the structure after it collided with one of the pillars located within it.

The officials explained, “I can confirm that at 1:25 a.m., Baltimore Police were notified of a partial bridge collapse at the Francis Scott Key Bridge, with workers believed to be in the water.” The collapse occurred at the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The local law enforcement, as reported by a number of American media outlets.

In addition to being a section of Interstate 695, the bridge is located across the Patapsco River.

An early Tuesday morning collision between a cargo ship and the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore resulted in the collapse of a part of the bridge, which in turn caused many vehicles to be thrown into the ocean.

At approximately 1.30 in the morning, a vessel collided with the bridge, causing it to catch fire before sinking. It looked in a video that was uploaded on X that a significant portion of the 2.6-kilometer bridge collapsed, causing a number of automobiles to fall into the sea below.

“Due to an incident on the I-695 Key Bridge, all lanes have been closed in both directions.” The Maryland Transportation Authority posted on X that traffic is being rerouted so that it can continue.

It was reported by Kevin Cartwright, the director of communications for the Baltimore fire department, that emergency personnel were searching for at least seven people who were believed to be in the water.

At approximately 1.30 in the morning, he stated that various agencies had received calls to 911 indicating that a vessel traveling outbound from Baltimore had collided with a column on the bridge, resulting in the collapse of the bridge. When the incident occurred, there were a number of cars on the bridge, one of which was the size of a tractor-trailer.

Trying to save and recover these individuals is the primary focus of our efforts at the moment, according to Cartwright. However, he labeled the collapse as a “developing mass casualty event” despite the fact that it was too early to determine how many people were affected by the fall.

According to Cartwright, it seemed as though there were “some cargo or retainers hanging from the bridge,” which created conditions that were unsafe and unstable and made the rescue mission more difficult. According to him, “This is a critical emergency.”

The United States Coast Guard got a report of an impact around 1.27 a.m. Eastern Time, according to Matthew West, a petty officer first class for the coastguard in Baltimore. West made this statement to the New York Times. The bridge, which is a component of Interstate 695, was struck by the cargo ship Dali, which was flying the flag of Singapore and measuring 948 feet (29 meters) in length.

According to the marine tracking portal MarineTraffic, the Dali had departed from Baltimore around one in the morning and was continuing on its journey to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

According to the statements made by the mayor of Baltimore, Brandon M. Scott, and the county executive, Johnny Olszewski Jr., rescue operations are currently underway and emergency services are currently present at the location.For the time being, not everyone has the financial means to pay for the news. Because of this, we have made the decision to keep our journalism accessible to anybody, even those living in India. You are welcome to continue reading at no cost if this describes you.



By knl9j

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