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Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan: US Congress approves massive help.

By knl9j Apr25,2024

A military and economic support package was approved by the United States on Tuesday, April 23, in order to provide assistance to Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia. A significant number of senators in the United States Senate voted in favor of this aid plan that is worth $95 billion and includes funding for Taiwan and Israel.

The United States of America, after months of extremely heated and tedious talks in Congress, finally approved a massive package of military and economic support for Ukraine on Tuesday, April 23. This was the outcome of weeks of deliberations.

An overwhelming majority of senators in the United States Senate voted in favor of the $95 billion aid plan, which also includes funding for Israel and Taiwan and an ultimatum to TikTok.

Finally, finally, without further ado. “This evening, after more than six months of laborious work and a great deal of twists and turns, the United States of America is sending a message to the entire world: we will not turn our backs on you,” praised Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate.

There was an instant announcement made by Vice President Joe Biden that he was going to promulgate the text, which had been approved a few days previously in the House of Representatives, which is the second chamber of the American Congress of Congress.

“I will sign this bill and address the American people as soon as it hits my desk tomorrow (Wednesday), so that we can begin sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week,” he added. “I think it is important that we get this done as soon as possible.” This is what he asserts.

This is “The Call of History.”

The measure was enacted by Congress in response to “the call of history,” and its purpose is to “strengthen our national security and send a message to the world about the power of American leadership,” as he stated in a news release. the White House, in particular.

The Ukrainian counterpart of this individual, Volodymyr Zelensky, expressed his gratitude to the United States Senate for approving essential help for Ukraine on social media platforms.

The acquisition of these monies is the product of months of extremely contentious discussions, the comings and goings of the Ukrainian president in Washington, and pressure from allies located all over the world. One Republican leader even lost his job as a result of them.

Disagreements between political parties

Kyiv, which is currently facing a complicated situation on the battlefield against Russia, receives the lion’s share thanks to the fact that $61 billion is being spent on the war in Ukraine.

The United States military support, which had been suspended for a number of weeks, is expected to begin relatively immediately – in “the coming days,” according to a representative for the Pentagon who spoke on Tuesday.

When the Ukrainian army, which is under constant pressure from Russian soldiers in the east of the nation, is confronted with a scarcity of new recruits and ammunition, the adoption of this aid package is a relief for the Ukrainian army.

The United States of America is Kyiv’s primary military supporter; nevertheless, Congress had not authorized a large package for its partner in about a year and a half, primarily owing to partisan squabbling.

This aid, which was characterized as an investment in the security of the United States in the face of Russia’s aggressive goals, continued to be supported by the Democratic Party and the President of the United States of America.

Instead of “our boys,” the phrase “ammunition

At the same time as the Republicans, led by Donald Trump, have become more and more reluctant, Mike Johnson, the conservative leader of the House of Representatives, has been blocking the text for a considerable amount of time.

This is the reason that the Republican leader in Congress ultimately used to justify his support for the resumption of economic and military assistance: “I would rather send ammunition to Ukraine than send our boys to fight.”

This aid proposal also gives President Biden the authority to seize and sell Russian assets in order to raise money for the rehabilitation of Ukraine once the country has been destroyed. An idea that is gaining traction with the other countries that make up the G7.

In addition, a significant portion of the envelope will be utilized to replace the supplies of the United States Army, and it will be sent back to the firms that manufacture weaponry in the United States.

TikTok, Taiwanian, and Israeli

A fresh military aid package worth several billion dollars is being provided to Israel, which is currently engaged in a conflict with Hamas. This assistance is being provided despite the fact that the world community is concerned about the fate of people in Gaza. In particular, these money will be utilized to strengthen the Israeli anti-missile shield, which is commonly referred to as the “Iron Dome.”

In addition, it is intended to allocate more than nine billion dollars in order to meet the “urgent need for humanitarian aid” of “vulnerable populations around the world,” particularly in Gaza and Sudan.

As Joe Biden had urged, this measure allocates eight billion dollars to help Taiwan and to fight China militarily by investing in submarines. Additionally, it provides assistance to Taiwan.

Furthermore, it stipulates that TikTok will be prohibited from being used in the United States, unless the social network severes its connections with ByteDance, the firm that is its parent company, and, more generally, with China.

It is alleged that the video platform gives Beijing the ability to monitor and control its 170 million users in the United States. The possible ban, on the other hand, runs the possibility of being challenged in court.


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