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The US embassy in Burkina Faso draws hundreds of protesters.

By knl9j May4,2024

Following the publication of a report by Human Rights Watch that accused the army of having slaughtered 223 civilians on February 25 in the name of the battle against terrorism, a rally was organized on Friday in front of the United States embassy in Ouagadougou. The purpose of the demonstration was to denounce the reaction of the United States government.

An AFP journalist reported that on Friday, May 3, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the United States embassy in Ouagadougou to voice their disapproval of the response that the United States government had provided in response to claims made by Human Rights Watch (HRW) to the effect that the Burkinabe army had committed atrocities against civilians.

The protestors, who were primarily merchants and workers in the private sector, sang anti-imperialist slogans and protested “against interference in the internal affairs of Burkina” in front of the embassy, which was covered by a security cordon and riot police. They waved Russian and Burkinabe flags.

A few days after the publication of a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) accusing the Burkinabe army of having “executed at least 223 civilians, including at least 56 children, in two villages on February 25,” Washington and London declared that they were “gravely concerned” about the situation. This declaration was made at the beginning of the week. They demanded that the necessary authorities “conduct a thorough investigation” into the matter.

“We came to deliver a message to the Americans so that these accusations against our armed forces who defend the country at the cost of their lives stop,” Mahamadou Ouédraogo, the spokesperson for the “Burkind Faangf meenga (liberation)” Federation, stated to AFP. “We came to deliver a message to the Americans.” ) pan-Africanists” were the driving force behind the demonstration, which came to a conclusion in the middle of the day.

The suspension of foreign media:

The Human Rights Watch study was criticized by Burkina Faso, which was headed by soldiers as a result of a coup d’état. The country stated that it “strongly rejects and condemns such unfounded accusations.”

The government has taken action against a number of international news organizations, including the BBC and Voice of America, as well as the French-language television station TV5 Monde and other international news websites, on the grounds that they have carried the Human Rights Watch report.

The military regime also summoned the charge d’affaires of the United States Embassy, ​​Eric Whitaker, on Thursday to “deplore” the fact that the “United States of America and the United Kingdom, usually attached to scientific rigor, react on the basis of a report with hasty conclusions”, according to the Burkina information agency (AIB, state media).

“Where are these people who are fighting for human rights while terrorists are killing large numbers of people in our country? Another member of the “Burkind Faangf meenga des Pan-Africanistes” Federation, Halidou Ouedraogo, posed the question, “What are they doing?” during the conversation.

Around 20,000 people have been killed and more than two million people have been forced to flee their homes as a result of jihadist violence that has been taking place in Burkina Faso since 2015. This violence is linked to armed movements that are affiliated with Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State organization.

On Friday, hundreds of locals demonstrated in front of the United States Embassy in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, to voice their dissatisfaction about the United States government’s reiteration of allegations that the Burkinabe army has violated the rights of civilians. These allegations were outlined in a report that was published by Human Rights Watch.

A group that calls itself the National Coordination of Patriotic Citizen Monitoring Associations was responsible for organizing protesters. This occurred a few days after the United States and Britain urged the military government of Burkina Faso on April 29 to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the alleged killings.

According to a statement released by the United States and the United Kingdom, the governments of both countries are “extremely concerned by reports of massacres of civilians by Burkinabe military forces in late February.”

Protesters were seen carrying posters that read, “We sovereign people of Burkina Faso demand you leave our territory, focus on Gaza and Ukraine.” The footage was captured on camera.

It was “astonishing,” according to Soumaïla Nana, the spokesperson for the demonstration organizers, that the United States and the United Kingdom had fallen for the “false accusations” of the purported massacre of people by the army.

The protests took place one day after the comment regarding the report was requested by the Foreign Ministry from Eric Whitaker, who serves as the Chargé d’affaires of the United States Embassy in Burkina Faso.

According to the official Burkina Faso Information Agency, the Foreign Ministry also reportedly submitted a complaint note to the High Commissioner to Burkina Faso of the United Kingdom, who resides in Accra, Ghana.

In February, Human Rights Watch found that the army had been responsible for the deaths of over 220 civilians in two villages located in the north.

The report was rejected by the transitional government, which referred to itself as “baseless” claims against the army.

After covering reports about the study, the authorities suspended many Western and African news networks, including BBC Africa, the Voice of America, and the French television channel TV5 Monde, last month. These networks were among those that were suspended. -!


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