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Trump raises $50 million in massive fundraiser

By knl9j Apr8,2024

A new critical chapter in the war on huge donations that pits the Republican candidate and Joe Biden in the race for the House of Representatives, Donald Trump raised more than fifty million dollars on Saturday during a massive fundraising evening in Florida. It is white.

According to the election system in the United States, money is not a taboo topic; rather, it is a source of pride for the side that amasses the most money. The year 2024 is expected to be the most expensive electoral cycle in the history of the country, therefore this windfall may also be considered a vital windfall.

For a number of months, the two candidates have been engaged in this conflict for millions of dollars, and they have been frequently disseminating news releases that praise their respective financial situations.

The Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, held a lavish reception in New York at the end of March. During this event, he raised 25 million dollars, which his campaign team hailed to as “a record.” This rivalry of muscles accelerated.

On the other hand, on Saturday, his adversary Donald Trump revealed a figure that was twice as high: more than $50.5 million. This sum was collected during the evening of fundraising in Palm Beach, which is located not too far from Mar-a-Lago, the luxury property of the Republican candidate.

An number that, in comparison, makes the amount that Joe Biden earned in New York appear “desperate,” as the campaign staff for Donald Trump put it.

“Even before the evening began, it was already spectacular because everyone wanted to contribute to a cause, which was to make America great again. “And that is exactly what transpired,” the former Republican president stated late on Saturday.

It was the billionaire John Paulson who was responsible for organizing the event. Paulson is one of the few financiers who made a profit from the financial crisis that occurred in 2008-2009 as a result of his wagers on the collapse of the real estate market. According to him, with the help of this, it was able to “raise the highest amount in one go in the history” of politics.

Among the guests were businessman Robert Bigelow, who had previously built his fortune in the hotel industry before going on to lead an aerospace research organization, and John Catsimatidis, who is the owner of a major grocery store chain.

It is well knowledge that both of these men are significant contributors to the Republican Party.

Candidates such as Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Doug Burgum, who had previously competed against Donald Trump in the Republican primary, were also included on the list. Since then, these guys have enthusiastically embraced the septuagenarian’s candidacy and are hopeful that they will be able to find a position in a possible administration that is a Trump 2.0.

A seat at the table for Donald Trump was reportedly purchased for the sum of $814,600, as reported by the Washington Post.

These outrageous sums are used to pay for the travel expenses of candidates, to compensate their teams, to commission polls, and maybe most importantly, to pay for advertising that are broadcast on television shows.

Joe Biden, who loves to present himself as a hero of the middle class, was quick to attack the event that was arranged by his Republican opponent in a post that was published on social networks on Saturday.

“A group of financial billionaires who want to cut Social Security and Medicare while giving themselves tax cuts are organizing a fundraiser with Donald Trump,” he added. “They want to do this while giving themselves tax cuts.” he apologizes

At the moment, the Democratic candidate has more robust campaign funds than Donald Trump, who has been charged with criminal offenses four times and who uses a portion of the money received from his followers to pay for his legal bills.

This financial edge is something that his crew takes great pleasure in, and they even had the audacity to refer to him as “broke Don” in a recent email. The billionaire is a big admirer of nasty nicknames.–nsglals3h14fu6i–66138a92c16c1#goto5897

By knl9j

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