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Trump dumped by multiple ex-cabinet members

By knl9j Apr10,2024

“The majority of people who served in [the ex-president’s] cabinet and in his administration […] overwhelmingly support his candidacy,” stated Donald Trump’s campaign staff in a news statement on Monday, hoping to defeat Joe Biden in November’s presidential election.

On the surface, the claim would sound plausible. Above all, though, she tries to hide the growing number of former populist cronies who have refused for several months to support their erstwhile master.

After discussing the turbulent billionaire’s tenure in Washington, they all hope he doesn’t end up in the Oval Office. They were all significant actors in the turbulent billionaire’s four years as president. Who do they represent?

Michael Pence

In American power, the number two usually backs the number one, but not this time. The former vice president declared on Fox News in the middle of March that he “could not, in [his] soul and conscience, support Donald Trump in this campaign,” despite the fact that the reality TV star will almost certainly run as a Republican in this year’s presidential contest. Following up on his refusal to yield to the populist’s demands on January 6, 2021, Mike Pence declared, “Donald Trump continues and sets out a program that is in contradiction with the conservative program that we followed to govern during our four years in office.” Pence broke with Trump on this point.

Bolton, John

The national security adviser to Donald Trump from 2018 to 2019 has since grown to be one of his harshest opponents. He recollected on CNN a few days ago that the only thing that remains from Trump’s four years in the White House is the unwavering belief that he “is not fit to be president”. “He caused a great deal of harm in his first term. And he would do even more in a second,” he remarked, lamenting the fact that the conservative opposition to the former president was unable to prevent him from participating in this presidential campaign.

Mark Esper

It’s challenging to clarify. On Bill Maher’s HBO show last Friday, the former US Secretary of Defense asserted that Donald Trump “poses a threat to democracy” and that there was “no chance” that he would be supported in November. The former head of the Pentagon presents a bleak picture of an unstable president with dubious moral character and an inability to put the needs of the nation above his own in his book A Sacred Oath, which was published in 2022. He claimed last week that witnessing Trump’s insanity unfold on a daily basis “opened the door a little more” for him to support Joe Biden.

Kelly John

The longest-serving chief of staff for Donald Trump, who worked with him from 2017 to 2019, expressed his dismay at his former boss’s new march on the House White House in an interview published in November of last year in the Washington Post. “What is going on in our nation that even one person believes this guy can be a good president?” he questioned, characterizing the populist’s tenacity as “beyond [his] understanding.” The retired general had prayed for Americans to prevent Donald Trump from winning a second term on CNN a few weeks prior. He described Trump as “someone who admires murderous autocrats and dictators and who has nothing but contempt for our institutions democratic.”

Ty Cobb

This White House assistant, a devout Trumpist who backed the former president during the probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, has made a significant shift in his political views. He recently declared in the columns of the Washington Post that he will vote for Joe Biden in November. “I will reluctantly vote for Biden if a vote is required to stop Trump,” he stated. In his view, the Republican Party’s ascent to the White House will simply “slow down the decline of democracy” in the country and “erode America’s standing in the international community.”

Scaramucci Anthony

On the social media platform X last Saturday, Trump’s former White House director of communications reaffirmed his plan to support Joe Biden. He said of the “lies, criminality and insecurity that push [the Republican candidate] to away from everything America has built, destroying our democracy and wanting to hug [Vladimir] Putin”: “I have seen with my own eyes the dangers and instability of Donald Trump.” He claims that this election year has turned into a “battle for democracy,” and he wants to “work to stop it.”

Jennifer Ellis

She was brought before a Georgian court for allegedly working with Trump to rig the 2020 election results. She even entered a plea deal with the court and pleaded guilty in October of last year; since then, the populist’s former attorney claims she “simply cannot support him again.” Ellis said she broke up with the former president “because of his frankly malignant and narcissistic tendency to say that he never did anything done wrong” and “the total and disturbing idolatry” of some of his supporters, who prioritized “conservative principles after their love for a star” on American Family Radio, where she hosts a morning show.

Hutchinson, Cassidy

Cassidy Hutchinson has devoted her life to defending American democracy ever since she left her position as Mark Meadows’s assistant to become a whistleblower and important witness for the congressional commission tasked with shedding light on the January 6, 2021, uprising. She regards the former Republican president as a serious threat to the rule of law. She stated that the 2024 elections would be “fundamental for safeguarding American institutions” on ABC in December of last year. She declared that she had “completely rejected the idea of voting for Donald Trump again” on MSNBC a few days prior, and she urged “all those who want democracy to survive” to support Biden.

Grisham Stephanie

After working for Donald Trump for six years—first as press secretary for the White House, then as first lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff—Stephanie Grisham claims to have a clear understanding of the former president’s goal, which is “to become a dictator.” On the fringes of the early March Mar-a-Lago encounter between her former employer and Hungarian despot Viktor Orbán, she made the following statement on CNN. She even states that she is prepared to assist Joe Biden’s team in stopping the Republican from being re-elected. “We have to view Donald Trump’s second term as a project that will enable him to grow stronger, more ruthless toward his own people, and less charitable toward our friends. And those are things to consider, in my opinion.

Farah Alyssa Griffin

The former Trump communications director demonstrated last week against the idea that her former employer was using the proceeds from the sale of Bibles at $60 a copy to fund both his election campaign and his mounting legal expenses as a result of the 88 allegations against him. “His goal in selling a holy book is to turn a profit. And that provides you with all the information you require about him,” she said to ABC. Although the former Trump aide has not yet declared her vote, she commended Mike Pence for his bravery in declining to back the populist’s bid for president. “The former vice president’s words matter for those of us who were conservatives before Trump started calling himself one,” the author stated on X.

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