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Timberlake: ‘I’m hard to love sometimes’ following arrest

By knl9j Jun26,2024

In the course of his show in Chicago on June 18, Justin Timberlake discussed his arrest that occurred on that day. Even though he was under arrest for drunkenness, the singer expressed his gratitude to his supporters for “continuing to love him” and for standing by his side. It was decided that his hearing would take place on July 26.

It has been a challenging week for Justin Timberlake! Following the singer’s arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol on the evening of June 17 to 18, in New York, he provided an explanation for the affair that had a negative impact on his reputation.

The musician, who is 43 years old, did not comply with the authorities and refused to take an alcohol test that was set up at the scene. Following his arrest, he was scheduled to perform in Chicago on Friday, June 21, as part of his tour for his sixth album. He will be tried for this offense on July 26, and his concert was scheduled to take place on this Friday.

It can be challenging to love me at times.

It was in the pauses between songs that he made the following statement: “We’ve been together through ups and downs, left and right, but you’re here, and I’m here, and nothing can change this moment right now.” “It has been a challenging week, and I am aware that there are times when I am difficult to love; however, you continue to love me, and I love you more than ever.

Thank you very much.” Despite the fact that this incident occurred, the former member of the group NSYNC stated that he had an enjoyable time during his concert: “I have a verdict: this evening is the best of the entire tour!”

This is the very first time that Justin Timberlake has been involved in a conflict with the law enforcement authority. Regrettably, this occurrence is a reference to the convictions that the artist had previously made over his addictions, notably those that were associated with alcohol.

The publication of Britney Spears’ memoir, in which she describes a very traumatic abortion she had when she was 19 years old, caused significant damage to the reputation of Justin Timberlake. In her explanation, the singer stated that her partner at the time, Justin, was the one who most vehemently opposed the idea of having children.


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