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Millions of people are impacted by heat.

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(Toledo) Although the official beginning of summer has not yet arrived, a wave of heat and humidity that has been sweeping over the Midwest and Northeast of the United States has put a damper on activities that take place outside. As a result of the presence of festivals or sports camps, the authorities have asked individuals to take safety measures.

Cities that have opened cooling centers this week have said that the Juneteenth holiday will result in the closure of several public libraries, senior centers, and swimming pools where residents may be able to take refuge from the heat.

Temperatures that are dangerous are forecast to reach their highest point in the eastern Great Lakes and New England on Wednesday and Thursday, and in the Ohio Valley and the Mid-Atlantic on Friday and Saturday, as stated by the National Weather Service. In several locations, the heat index is forecast to reach between 37.7 and 40.5 degrees Celsius.

Because temperatures were getting close to 35 degrees Celsius, the city of Toledo, Ohio, decided to cancel a weekly exercise program, and a nearby suburb also decided to cancel a street festival. In order to protect its employees and volunteers, a food bank located in the upstate region of New York decided to suspend its Wednesday delivery.

Field trips to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, where employees put on water misters for visitors and animals, were canceled by schools across the state of New York. All of the schools in the state. Ted Fox, the executive director of the zoo, stated that certain animals, including elephants, were receiving chunks of ice in their respective pools.

Mr. Fox stated that even tigers enjoy licking the ice and placing their heads on it when the temperature is extremely high.

The findings of a recent study indicate that climate change is driving heat waves to move more slowly and to affect a greater number of people for a longer period of time. Since 1936, the United States of America had the most number of heat waves, which are defined as periods of exceptionally high temperatures that extend for more than two days.

A temperature of 36.1 degrees Celsius set a new record for Chicago, which had been held since 1957. The National Weather Service in Chicago forecasts that Wednesday will be another warm day, but that on Thursday and Friday, a cold front will provide relief to locations that are close to Lake Michigan.

It is unlikely that this reprieve will be granted in time for all of Chicago’s refreshment centers to close for the Juneteenth holiday, with the exception of one.

Lindsey LaPointe, a state lawmaker, expressed her disapproval to the Chicago Sun-Times by saying, “It is extremely alarming that we are reducing the number of our cooling centers in the middle of a heat wave.” In addition to advocating on behalf of persons who do not have a permanent place to live and other vulnerable populations, Ms. LaPointe is the representative for the Northwest Side of Chicago.

The authorities asked people to restrict their time spent outside whenever it was feasible and to check on family members and neighbors who might be susceptible to the heat when it was very hot.

In the state of New York, Governor Kathy Hochul has called upon the National Guard to respond to any heat-related situations that may occur in the days ahead. In addition to that, she declared that on Wednesday and Thursday, the entrance and parking costs at state parks, pools, and beaches would be waived.

Hochul stated on Tuesday that “this is a time of significant risk,” and that “we are doing our best to ensure that all lives are protected despite the circumstances.”

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