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The “fairly impressive” record of Joe Biden

By knl9j May7,2024

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What accomplishments has Joe Biden made? – Serge Menard

It appears to me that Joe Biden’s accomplishments are not covered by the big networks, either on television or in print. Do I have this wrong? -Serge Emond

The highly publicized antics of his predecessor and Joe Biden’s own unpopularity have caused him to be sidelined after the turbulent Trump years, according to Christophe Cloutier-Roy, deputy director of the Chair Raoul-Dandurand’s Observatory on the United States.

“It’s not shocking that we don’t discuss his record much, given the atmosphere in American politics that is so characterized by personality issues, particularly in light of Donald Trump’s candidacy and his legal troubles. This indicates that we frequently ignore politics’ more tangible aspects.

The political scientist claims that because Biden’s ideas take a consensus stance, they likewise receive minimal attention. The policies of the Biden administration are not nearly as contentious as those of Barack Obama, who, for example, had the ability to rally both supporters and detractors with his Obamacare.

“It doesn’t seem like the Biden administration has proposed any very contentious measures recently. His record is less visible [in the media] since Republicans do not criticize him.

According to one expert on American domestic politics, the Biden administration may overall be proud of its “fairly impressive legislative record,” especially in light of the Democratic Party’s extremely limited margin for error in Congress.

Here is a summary of the four main areas in which the Biden administration has excelled.

Joe Biden took over an exceptionally challenging economic environment, characterized by the COVID-19-related slump. After three years, the economy is growing again and the jobless rate is at an all-time low.

Democrats attribute this recovery to the president’s massive rescue plans, which include the $1,900 billion American Rescue Plan Act, which was enacted as a post-pandemic economic recovery strategy, and the nearly $1 trillion budgeted Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which is a plan to modernize the nation’s infrastructure.

Yet, Mr. Cloutier-Roy cautions that it is never a good idea to credit the president’s efforts alone for the health of the American economy. When the economy is going well, we tend to give the president a lot of credit. Furthermore, we place a great deal of responsibility on him during recessions. In either case, it’s excessive.

There’s no denying that the president has rejected the neoliberal doctrine of his forerunners in favor of going “back to a more interventionist state” and providing a “larger social safety net,” with a focus on helping the middle class.

The Democratic president’s economic record is being negatively impacted by galloping inflation, which has made it difficult for many young Americans to own property, even if the US economy is still strong.

The first green president is Joe Biden? The Democratic leader immediately began taking decisive steps that signaled the United States’ resumption of its fight against climate change.

The country’s return to the Paris Agreement was mandated by an executive order signed by the newly elected president on his first day in office. Under Donald Trump’s leadership, the US withdrew from the agreement in 2017. In the process, the Keystone XL pipeline’s operating permit to move tar sands oil from Alberta to Texas was also withdrawn by the new White House occupant.

According to Christophe Cloutier-Roy, “I think that the environmental policies are what we will remember from the Biden presidency, whether he is re-elected or not.”

His $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act makes renewable energy and the energy transition the main drivers of the nation’s economic recovery. Renewable energies (wind, solar, and hydroelectricity) have risen to the second rank in the US energy panorama, behind natural gas but ahead of coal and nuclear power, if the shift was already under way when Joe Biden became office and began his mandate.

Stricter regulations limiting emissions from coal-fired power plants, the preservation of large swaths of Alaska from oil and gas development, and a massive initiative to lower greenhouse gas emissions are added to this. greenhouses used in agriculture.

Ironically, during the Biden administration, US oil production has increased to a previously unheard-of degree. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm opened the door for oil exploration in the nation due to the spike in gasoline prices. As a result, in a number of states, the price of gas is almost exactly $3 a gallon.

International politics
With the precipitous withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s return of power in August 2021, the 46th president’s mandate began in disarray on a global scale. In defense of Biden, it should be noted that President Trump had started the pullout, but it did not stop the president’s support rating from dropping below 50% for the first time since Kabul fell. After then, the index only got worse; it is currently at 40%.

The public was not surprised by the withdrawal per se; after all, everyone in the US was eager for their military to be out of Afghanistan. However, the catastrophic circumstances surrounding this action damaged the president’s reputation, according to Christophe Cloutier-Roy.

Joe Biden has worked very hard to reestablish America’s leadership position in the globe after the Trump administration’s isolationism, despite the unrest in Kabul.

Notably, the president had to contend with China’s and Russia’s simultaneous ascent. When the Russian bear faced up against Ukraine, Joe Biden headed the Western side and supplied copious amounts of money and weaponry.

According to the deputy director of the Observatory on the United States, “we are returning to the consensus of the Cold War and post-Cold War, that of a nation very present on the international scene which feels the need to intervene in all crises when its interests (or those of its sphere of influence) influence) are threatened.”

He succeeded in creating new alliances in the Pacific against China, most notably bringing Japan and South Korea—two nations at war for decades—closer together.

Additionally, the CHIPS and Science Act allowed for the highly strategic electronic compound fabrication of semiconductors—which was previously mostly done in China and Taiwan—to be brought back to American territory.

national policy
Domestically, the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed over a million lives in the nation, coincided with the start of the Biden administration in January 2021. Notably, the newly elected president encouraged widespread vaccination access while enforcing mask wear and distance-keeping in federal offices and on public transportation.

“Although I am not an expert in public health, I think Biden has handled crises well. However, it seems to me that voters have already moved past COVID and that this favorable outcome won’t matter when it comes time to cast a ballot, says Christophe Cloutier-Roy.

Joe Biden overturned a number of Donald Trump’s immigration measures, most notably the contentious order that barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States.

But the Democrat promised to finish, at considerable expense, some of the wall that was started by his predecessor, Trump, on the Mexican border in order to halt unauthorized immigration.

In the event that the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade in 2022, the Biden administration—particularly Vice President Kamala Harris—has taken a firm stance in favor of abortion access for all. Additionally, it expedited Public Health’s approval of the prescription-free contraceptive pill.

The president was mostly helpless to stop mass murders, but he was nevertheless able to approve the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which reinforced the background check that comes before a gun is purchased, one of the only laws restricting access to firearms in almost 30 years.

Joe Biden also announced the establishment of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which assists states in enacting stricter laws and providing greater assistance to victims of gun violence, amid the bustle of theatrical performances in Buffalo and Uvalde.

We can also give the president credit for appointing Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman justice, to the Supreme Court.

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