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Biden promises to stop the “frightful” increase of anti-Semitism.

By knl9j May8,2024

(Washington) On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden made a commitment to confront the “fearsome” evolution of anti-Semitism. He stated that anti-Semitism has “no place” in the United States, particularly in colleges, which are the scene of pro-Palestinian mobilizations.

According to the statements made by the President of the United States of America from the Capitol in Washington, “People are already forgetting that it was Hamas which unleashed this terror.” This statement was made in regard to the unprecedented attack that was carried out by the Palestinian organization on October 7. Following this attack, Israel started a massive military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Joe Biden, who was speaking at the annual Days of Remembrance ceremony that was hosted by the United States Holocaust Museum at the Capitol, recalled that this attack had been the worst for Jews since the conclusion of the Nazi extermination operation. “I have not forgotten,” he remarked.

The Democratic contender for a second term, who is 81 years old, proceeded by emphasizing his “unfailing” support for Israel. “We have seen a formidable increase in anti-Semitism in America and around the world,” he said.

“At the university level, Jewish students were subjected to being blocked, harassed, attacked, or seeing posters in their classes,” Joe Biden stated. “They also heard anti-Semitic slogans calling for the nation of Israel to be eradicated.”

On both the right and the left, the response of the president of the United States to rallies on campuses in support of Palestinians has been criticized.

A number of projects that are specifically aimed at universities have been introduced by the White House.

In addition to this, the Department of Education has recently issued a circular that details the characteristics that define anti-Semitic prejudice.

The United States Department of Homeland Security is going to introduce new online tools for educational institutions.

To be “contaminated”

In order to better identify and counteract anti-Semitic speech on the internet, the Department of Foreign Affairs will, for its part, bring together some of the most prominent personalities in the technological industry.

The president of the United States delivered his address a few days after he made his initial comments regarding the student demonstrations against Israel’s war in Gaza, which have been going on for a number of weeks.

In the midst of an election year, he had maintained his silence for an extended period of time, which had prompted criticism from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Since October 7, there has been a rise in anti-Semitic activities and discourse, which has caused Jewish students to feel worried. Last week, Israeli President Isaac Herzog condemned “reputable universities” that he claimed were “contaminated by hatred.”

In response to the acts taken by the Israeli government, a significant number of Jewish students participated in the pro-Palestinian mobilization to protest.

Across the nation, the police have been summoned on multiple times to destroy encampments and remove demonstrators who are using military force.

It was revealed on Monday that Columbia University in New York, which is the core of this pro-Palestinian student movement, will be “giving up” its grand graduation ceremony.

His opponent in the Republican primary, Donald Trump, has accused Joe Biden of being inactive in the face of the pro-Palestinian movement, saying, “They are radical left-wing weirdos and we must stop them now.”

The Democrat, who is 81 years old, is also subject to criticism from progressive elected officials within his party. These politicians accuse him of neglecting the demands of students and of turning a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinian citizens.

On Tuesday, he made the statement, “I understand that people have strong convictions,” but he did not specifically highlight the extremely high number of casualties that the conflict in Gaza has caused.

“In the United States of America, we ensure that fundamental freedom of expression is respected,” the President of the United States of America stated, stressing that the demonstrators must, however, follow “the law.” The previous week, he expressed his belief that there should be order on campuses.

By knl9j

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