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Daniels denies deception for money.

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Did you not wish to increase the amount of money you made? On Thursday, during the second day of Stormy Daniels’ long and tension-filled testimony at the trial of Donald Trump, which was held in New York, the defense of the former President of the United States attempted to discredit the porn stars who are testifying against him.

Already heard for five hours on Tuesday, the actress and director had presented an uncensored description of her meeting and the sexual relationship she claims to have had with the current Republican presidential nominee in 2006. The meeting took place in 2006 on the margins of a golf tournament for celebrities in Nevada.

During the stressful face-to-face interview with Susan Necheles, the attorney representing Donald Trump, she was questioned once more for a period of three hours on Thursday. During this interview, she denied having lied in order to enrich herself with this story.

It was for the purpose of maintaining silence about this event that the actress was given $130,000 at the very end of the campaign for the 2016 presidential election, which was won by the Republican candidate against Hillary Clinton by a thin margin. The sexual relationship, which Donald Trump has denied, is at the center of the affair. As part of a confidentiality agreement, Michael Cohen, who had previously represented Donald Trump, paid a certain amount of money.

For concealing the repayment of sums to the attorney in the accounts of his holding firm, the Trump Organization, the former president of the United States of America is currently on trial for 34 counts of accounting falsification on charges of committing the offense. Currently, in the midst of the presidential campaign, he is in danger of receiving a prison sentence.

“Safeguard my narrative”
Within the courtroom, which featured aged oak furniture and white chandeliers, Susan Necheles endeavored to push Stormy Daniels to her limits by portraying her as a woman who was insatiably greedy for financial gain.

Susan Necheles inquired, “You threatened to cause political harm to President Trump if he did not give you money for this story?”

Under the watchful glare of Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels responded, “I made the decision to be safe.” In addition, she stated that the most effective solution was to safeguard my narrative by means of a written record, so that my family would not be put in jeopardy.

The attorney continued by saying, “You wanted to make more money, didn’t you?” He was contending that even after the confidentiality agreement was signed, the actress had still disclosed everything in a book that, according to the defense, would have made her $800,000. The Wall Street Journal published an article in 2018 that detailed the entire situation, which involved both of them.

In a stressful environment, the combat continued to take place. The attorney responded by saying, “You have also acted in and directed more than 150 pornographic films […], which means that you have a great deal of experience in the art of making fake sexual relations real.”

Stormy Daniels refuted the accusation by saying, “I didn’t need to write that one.”

You are the inventor of everything.
On Tuesday, the actress did not hide the fact that she had a sexual experience with the real estate magnate in 2006, including the fact that he allegedly did not use a condom during their session.

In addition, she detailed the emotions she experienced when she discovered the sixty-year-old billionaire waiting for her on his bed as she emerged from the restroom. It was then that she said, “I felt the blood leave my hands.” In the event that she asserts that she did not experience any feelings of intimidation, she guarantees that the businessman’s aim “was quite clear” and that the “balance of power was unbalanced…”

Again, the attorney said, “You were so upset that he wanted to have sex with you that you couldn’t refuse? Because he was supposedly wearing a t-shirt and boxers, you were so upset that you couldn’t refuse?” The attorney then made it quite obvious, “You invented everything, didn’t you?”

The statements made by Stormy Daniels were not altered. Upon the conclusion of her cross-examination, she walked out of the room in a belligerent manner, walking by Donald Trump without making eye contact with him.

For the second time this week, attorneys for Donald Trump have made a plea to have the case dropped, but their efforts have been fruitless. In addition to this, they requested that Judge Juan Merchan lift his prohibition on commenting about witnesses so that he may respond directly to Stormy Daniels‘ allegation.

The argument that Todd Blanche made was that “He must be able to respond to the American people.” The judge did not agree.

After leaving the courtroom, the candidate, who is 77 years old and is required to attend the debates in silence each day, once again condemned the “corrupt judge” and expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that he is unable to campaign in the typical manner.

Three further witnesses followed one another on Thursday. The first was an employee of the accounting department of the Trump Organization, the second was an editor working for the publishing business that produced one of Donald Trump’s books, and the third was Madeleine Westerhout, who is one of Donald Trump’s direct aides at the White business.

Among the four criminal cases in which Donald Trump is indicted, the trial, which is scheduled to commence on Friday and is anticipated to endure for several more weeks, is of utmost significance since it runs the possibility of being the only one to be held before the election on November 5.–663def762f57e#goto6779!-guatemala-by-la-luna-crema

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