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It is time for Disney+ to bring back the original trio of diabolical characters.

By knl9j Apr1,2024

In order to make Holy Week more exciting, the cinematic outrages around the son of Satan are ideal.

The original trilogy of “The Prophecy,” which you have in its entirety on Disney+ (there is also a recent remake on the same platform, but it is not of much interest), appears to be the perfect moment to recover it, and Easter looks to be the ideal time to do so. The new prequel, which will be launched in a few weeks and will explain the story of the origin of the Antichrist before his birth, has already been released in the United States and is receiving outstanding acclaim. However, there is another strong reason for this: the new prequel will arrive in a few weeks.

The original film of “The Prophecy,” which was directed by Richard Donner and is considered to be one of the absolute classics of satanic cinema, was born in the shadow of the overwhelming success of “The Exorcist,” but it possessed its own overwhelming personality.

It appears that we will have a new installment that is on par with the classic, and it is not easy at all. The film’s masterful use of tension and its inventive killings, which would result in the establishment of a school, had already established themselves as classics of the most darkest cinema.

In the first version of the movie, a guy secretly swaps the kid that his wife gave birth to with an orphaned child. He does this completely without her awareness. However, he chooses to disregard the fact that this being is the Antichrist, and as he continues to develop, he is surrounded by people who pass away, including his own nanny and a priest who is attempting to warn him. The horrified father will have to take matters into his own hands in order to combat the forces of the Evil one.

It is only two of the most recognized components of this miracle that has not lost a bit of its intensity and that was prolonged by two highly estimable sequels, “Damien’s Curse” and “Damien’s End.” The famous and haunting soundtrack that was composed by Jerry Goldsmith and the cold and abysmal gaze of the boy Damien are just two of the most recognizable elements. The first one is particularly intriguing since it depicts an adolescent Damien who is responsible for a great deal more murder and havoc in his immediate environment.

Disney is making waves with its latest venture into programming for older audiences with the launch of “Pauline,” a series about a young woman who becomes pregnant after having a one-night encounter with Satan. The series is generating a lot of excitement around the world. You did indeed read that correctly. To put it another way, the production business that was once identified with programming that was suitable for families is now sleeping with the devil himself.

This marks the conclusion of a long series of initiatives that have deviated from what was originally regarded as proper for children’s television. Parents no longer have the ability to simply turn on a Disney show without first conducting a thorough investigation. In the year 2020, Disney+ presented the short film “Out,” which was about a gay guy coming out to his family.

In the year 2022, the streaming service debuted its “Pride Collection,” which consisted of over 20 different series. In the same year, Disney+ also introduced its first live-action trans character and inserted gay kiss sequences in feature films such as “Star Wars” and “Lightyear.” By avoiding this kind of secular programming, which business officials have claimed is meant to deliver an indoctrination of the corporation’s ideals into young children, parents who wish to discuss these sensitive themes with sensitivity must take care to avoid doing so.

Not only is the plot of “Pauline” completely offensive, but it also contains a number of theological errors that are grossly inaccurate. To begin, the demonic inversion of the Incarnation, in which Satan, rather than the Holy Spirit, is the one who impregnates a woman, is manifestly sacrilegious and an affront to all Christians. It is absolutely incongruous with Christian theology to even consider the possibility that Satan could take on a corporeal body as part of his own incarnational manifestation.

Satan is not “on par” with the Holy Spirit; he is merely a spiritual being who does not possess the power to take on body like the Holy Spirit does, nor does he have the ability to create life. In addition, the notion that Satan may think it beneficial to do either of these things is questionable.

In spite of the fact that the Bible does not provide a definitive explanation for the reasons behind Satan’s fall from grace, we have come to the conclusion that his disconnection from God can be traced back to pride. Satan had the expectation of being superior to man since he was an angelic entity composed of pure spirit.

However, man’s nature, which is a mixture of both the spiritual and material realms, is inferior to that which is wholly spiritual. In contrast, God perverted that dynamic by taking on flesh during the Incarnation. He further offended Satan by elevating a plain human girl who was a virgin to the position of Queen of the Angels among the angels.

As a result of his disobedience to God’s divinely designed plan, Satan was expelled from heaven. He was disgusted by the concept of being obedient to creatures who were tainted by the material universe. Even if Satan had the ability to become incarnate or produce life, it is highly improbable that he would want to do any of those things. This is because Satan has a deep-seated hatred for both humans and the material world.

Despite the fact that the portrayal is false, we can be certain that Satan will take pleasure in the opportunity to corrupt viewers who, whether they are aware of it or not, make themselves susceptible to his approaches by seeing “Pauline.” By giving this project the go-ahead, Disney is demonstrating a profound lack of understanding of the actuality of the devil, his true character, and the degree to which this sacrilegious blasphemy actually poses a threat to the spiritual well-being of people.

This series is an affront to Our Lady, who, through her fiat, became the vessel through which our redemption was born. Her complete obedience and devotion to God made her the vessel through which our salvation was born. In the instant that she said “yes,” she transformed into the Mediatrix of grace and the Mother of God and all those who are alive. With its portrayal of a diabolical conception, “Pauline” is a satirical commentary on Mary’s function in the earthly environment.

The exorcists claim that Satan has a special animosity for Our Lady because she has “crushed his head” with her obedience and humility. This is the reason why Satan retains this unique enmity. In this series, Mary is made fun of, and women and motherhood are made fun of. According to the observations made by Alice von Hildebrand, “the one deadly enemy of the serpent is the woman… the enemy’s most vicious attacks will be directed against her.”

As I point out in my article titled “Reclaiming Motherhood from a Culture Gone Mad,” women have been misled into fearing their own motherhood. They have relied on contraception and abortion as a means to “free them” from what is arguably the greatest privilege known to humankind. This privilege is extended exclusively to women, and it is the privilege of providing shelter and carrying each new human soul that, unlike all other creations of mankind, will last forever.

This series is a representation of a new form of evil; it does not only stoke the fires of terror that surround the concept of producing new life; rather, it encourages viewers to actively envision carrying and giving birth to evil into the world. This diabolical distortion of the mind is something that I believe all of us, whether we are Christians or not, should make an effort to avoid. “Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind,” the apostle Paul exhorts us to do in Romans 12: 2, as stated in the Bible.—A-Potent-An/10628512–a-potent-anti-aging-serum-to-revitalize-skin-in-india-751326705

By knl9j

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