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In Zarzuela, Irene Urdangarin will live with Queen Letizia.

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Irene Urdangarin had previously been established in the Zarzuela, where she is scheduled to reside for a period of time alongside Queen Sofía.

When it comes to determining what she wants to do with her life, Infanta Cristina’s daughter is not entirely certain, and she plans to take some time to evaluate her options.

In the meantime, her parents have suggested that she use this time to further her education and obtain her driver’s license, and the young woman has agreed to do so. She will spend some time in Madrid in order to accomplish this, and she will wait for her approval before doing so. She will be quite close to Letizia, who, according to El Nacional, is not very pleased with the prospect of having her niece close by. Letizia will be very close to her.

Irene Urdangarin is faced with the challenging challenge of adjusting to her new life; she must do this. It was decided that the young girl would temporarily relocate to the home of her aunt and uncle, thus she departed her home in Switzerland. More specifically, at one of the residences that comprise the Zarzuela palace, which is the place where her maternal grandmother resides at the present time.

While Felipe II and Queen Letizia have been residing in the same property for many years, Queen Sofia and her sister Irene of Greece have been residing there as well. As opposed to the fact that the kings are located in the Prince’s Pavilion, which is only a few meters away from the emerita.

It is in this location that Iñaki Urdangarin’s daughter has made her home, where she is currently being cared for by her maternal grandmother. This new circumstance has been a source of frustration for both Cristina and the monarch who is currently in power. The mother of Irene is concerned that her daughter would not concentrate on her studies in order to obtain her license, and instead will choose to take pleasure in the Madrid nightlife.

A worry that is proven to be unwarranted by the tight relationship that exists between Victoria Federica and her cousin, who gets along perfectly with her. According to a report that was published by El Nacional, the presence of Irene in Zarzuela causes her aunt Letizia to feel uneasy. Aunt Letizia does not wish to be associated with any potential scandals.

The first few days that the young woman has spent in the palace have, on the other hand, been very familiar. Makoke in Fiesta states that the young woman would have gone to dinner with her grandma and her sister “like super friends.” This is according to Makoke.

The cousins of Irene Urdangarin will not be seen by her.
Irene would have been accommodated in Zarzuela for a number of reasons, one of which is that the queen’s daughters would not have allowed her to share space with them. As Leonor and Sofía are currently engaged in training activities outside of Madrid, it is not possible for Iñaki Urdangarin’s daughter to reside with them.

In addition to being a privilege, this also constitutes a requirement that you adhere to the regulations that govern your new residence. One of Letizia’s primary concerns is that she does not transcend anything that occurs in her home, and she is even more anxious that she does not accept scandals.

Keeping a low profile and concentrating on the work of obtaining her driver’s license is the best course of action for Irene in this regard. It is only after that that she will be able to go back to her house in Switzerland and be with her extended family again.

She has faith that her daughter will be responsible and that she will not be discovered enjoying the night in Madrid as her niece Victoria Federica did. Infanta Cristina has faith in her daughter. For her part, Queen Sofía is overjoyed to be able to have her granddaughter with her, as she has always had a particular fondness for the individuals who are the offspring of Infanta Cristina.

They have a wonderful relationship, and the emerita is experiencing a greater sense of support than she ever has before. While it is true that she resides with her sister, the fact remains that her health issues have become more severe, and Juan Carlos I’s wife is experiencing a great deal of distress. Because Irene is there, she now has someone to talk to and spend time with, and she is able to do both of these things.

As of right now, it would appear that Letizia and Felipe have not arrived to greet Zarzuela’s new visitor.

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