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Biden and Trump win the 2024 US primaries with most delegates.

By knl9j Mar15,2024

As a result of his landslide victory in the primaries, Vice President Joe Biden, who is now serving as the President of the United States, is now listed as one of the official candidates with Donald Trump.

In the Democratic primaries held in Georgia and Mississippi, as well as in the Republican primaries held in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington state, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have solidified their positions as the top candidates for the presidency in the elections that will take place in 2024.

The results of these elections marked the culmination of a lengthy process that had been aimed at deciding the primary candidates for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Due to the fact that both current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump had eliminated all of their opponents, the outcomes were relatively foreseeable.

Towards the White House, Biden and Trump are heading.

Biden was able to surpass the threshold of 1,968 delegates that was required to earn the Democratic nominee for president when he won the election in Georgia, a state that is extremely important for the United States. In the meantime, Trump’s victory in the state of Washington helped earn the 1,215 delegates that were required to clinch the Republican nomination. This put him and his “Make America Great Again” movement in the running for the presidency.

Both candidates are now considered “presumptive nominees,” which means they are candidates who are waiting for their parties’ national conventions to ratify them officially. This event symbolizes the beginning of a new phase of the competition and brings to light the return of an epic challenge, which is the re-enactment of the conflict that will take place between Trump and Biden in April of 2020.

The statement that Vice President Biden gave was uncompromising and highlighted the widespread support that he has gotten from members of the Democratic Party. He made the following statement: “I am honored that the broad coalition of voters representing the rich diversity of the Democratic Party across the country have placed their trust in me once again to lead our party – and our country – at a time when the threat that Trump poses is greater than it has ever been.”

As a result of the comparatively few challenges that stood in his way, Trump’s route to the nomination was relatively painless. Following a string of losses during the Super Tuesday primaries, her primary opponent, Nikki Haley, who had previously served as the United Nations ambassador, decided to withdraw her bid. Trump was able to consolidate his support within the Republican Party as a result of this, which left the way free for him. A total of 161 delegates were made available to the Republican party as a result of the elections that took place in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, and Hawaii. For Trump to successfully consolidate his campaign, he required 137 of them, which he was able to accomplish without any opposition.

On the other side, there have been a number of obstacles that Biden has had to overcome, which is evidence of his tenacity and popularity within the Democratic party. His position was enhanced by the primaries that took place this week, which enabled him to secure the delegates that were necessary for the nomination.

The importance of the primaries from a political standpoint

Beyond the simple allotment of delegates, these primaries are extremely important for a number of reasons. They reinforce the political scene in the United States as a space that is dominated by Jon Biden and Donald Trump, with the presidential election that will take place in November of next year being depicted as another battle between the two political titans.

While Vice President Biden is getting ready to defend his mandate against attacks from both within and without the party, Donald Trump is presenting himself as the alternative for the Republican party in an effort to restore his position in the White House.

With the nominations for both candidates having been formally secured, the fight to win the general election that will take place in November of next year is now into full swing. The political emphasis is centered on how Biden and Trump will address the mounting tensions and important topics that will define the election campaign. This is happening at the same time that they are preparing for an unprecedented battle to votes with their campaign.

Donald Biden has also earned the number of delegates required to secure his nomination as his party’s candidate in the presidential elections that will take place in November, according to calculations made by NBC News. Joe Biden is believed to have reached this milestone first. Trump’s victories in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington, which were largely anticipated, have allowed him to surpass the threshold of 1,215 delegates. This is the minimum number of delegates required to obtain a majority at the Republican Party convention, which is set to take place in Milwaukee in July.

After winning only one state on Super Tuesday, her most recent opponent, Nikki Haley, who had previously served as the ambassador to the United Nations, decided to withdraw her candidacy for the Republican nomination at the end of the previous week.

Under the rules of the party, delegates will be obligated to support him, despite the fact that the former president of the United States is facing imminent court cases in four distinct indictments. These allegations range from paying hush money to a pornographic film actress to mishandling secret documents to attempts to overturn the elections that will take place in 2020. Additionally, Trump is considering a number of civil lawsuits associated with corporate fraud, as well as one for defamation that is connected to an allegation of rape. The most recent polls indicate that the contest between Biden and Trump is rather close to being a draw. As of right now, the present president’s popularity has fallen below forty percent. A threshold that is not even surpassed by his Republican opponent, who continues to be unpopular among the general population. The age of Joe Biden and the legal issues that Donald Trump is facing are the primary concerns of voters.


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