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Vox uses the PP on the PSOE to soften its tone.

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He is in favor of the Senate panel that is being sponsored by the PP, and he has retracted his opposition to Ayuso about the residences.

Due to the fact that it is also having repercussions on the right, the Koldo case is causing a genuine political earthquake, and not just for the PSOE. PP and Vox discuss how, for the first time, the government of Pedro Sánchez is in a state of disarray. It is being besieged by a wide variety of scandals, such as the amnesty and the indictment of Carles Puigdemont for terrorism at the Supreme Court, which is forcing the government to rethink its strategies.

After months of confronting Feijóo, with whom they publicly severed all relations, those from Abascal have lowered their tone this week in order to concentrate their opposition work on socialist corruption. This is done in order to avoid falling into the trap of the PSOE, which is to cover up the scandal that has resulted from the focus on the PP.

In full revelations about the case, and in the midst of the government’s attempt to smear the PP, the parliamentary spokesperson for Vox, Pepa Millán, spoke exclusively about the ” PSOE case,” without even naming the popular ones. She also asked for the resignation of Francina Armengol, the president of the Cortes, after the party had appeared in the case, and she requested from the ministers involved that they appear before the court.

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Not to the PSOE commission, but to the PP commission, the answer is yes.
Millán also made the announcement that they will not support the investigative commission that was proposed by the socialists in Congress regarding this matter. Instead, they will support the one that was proposed by the PP in the Senate. This will allow them to mark their distance with the left rather than taking advantage of the noise that was generated in order to attack Feijóo’s men.

In recent days, there has been no criticism of the PP in Vox’s socialist networks, which is where they most frequently demonstrate. This is despite the fact that both parties have even voted together in Congress on a proposal to reform the law on the CGPJ, which was promoted by those of Abascal, but which did not move forward due to the rejection of the left.

While everything is going on, Vox has backed down from its dispute with Ayuso about the management of dwellings in Madrid during the pandemic. An announcement has been made by those from Rocío Monasterio, stating that they will not be supporting an investigative commission. This decision was made after they voted with the left to request a monographic plenary session on this important topic. A situation comparable to the one that occurred in 2022, when Vox Madrid advocated for the establishment of a commission of this kind but ultimately decided to retreat from its proposal.

The party has also said that they will reject the Mas Madrid investigative committee on the contracting of health supplies during the pandemic. This announcement comes at a time when the acts of the PSOE are being questioned in areas that it governed, such as the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands. Vox might have taken advantage of this circumstance in order to try to splash the PP as well; nevertheless, in response to this predicament, the company has decided to concentrate on assaulting the PSOE, which is becoming increasingly surrounded by this subject.

On Tuesday, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the leader and prime minister candidate of the center-right Partido Popular (PP), made a request to the Socialist Party (PSOE) to grant him the authority to govern in the event that he emerges victorious in the forthcoming general elections in Spain. He stated that this would prevent the far-right VOX from entering a future federal government.

At an event held in Madrid to present the election program of the People’s Party (PP), Núñez Feijóo gave his assurance that he would request that Pedro Sánchez, the acting prime minister and leader of the PSOE in Spain, or whoever succeeds him in office following the election on July 23, gives him the opportunity to govern independently. For instance, he could abstain from participating in his inauguration as the prime minister of the country.

I will make a request to the head of the PSOE, whoever he may be, to provide me the authority to govern. If he does not grant me this authority, I will make a request to each and every one of his “barons,” which are the regional prime ministers of the PSOE, to persuade him otherwise.

The Spanish left camp suffered a resounding defeat in the regional and municipal elections held on May 28. As a result of this defeat, the Popular Party (PP) has reached various agreements with the Vox party, including agreements with Valencia, Extremadura, and the Balearic islands.

Since March 2022, the PP and VOX have been ruling jointly in Castilla and León, a political “cohabitation” that has been fraught with difficulties.

If PP were to emerge victorious in the national election, it would exert pressure on the PSOE to refrain from obstructing a hypothetical investiture of Feijóo as prime minister. This would prevent Feijóo from being required to reach an agreement with VOX.

The concept, on the other hand, was utterly rejected by PSOE sources that were cited by Spanish media.

PSOE’s current political approach, as well as that of its prospective future ally, the left-wing platform Sumar, is employing the fear of the far-right as an electoral weapon in an effort to garner additional support.

When Núñez Feijóo assumes office, he intends to accomplish a number of goals, including the establishment of an Executive with fourteen ministries, the appointment of a female vice president, and the appointment of a female economy minister without disclosing her identity.

When it comes to taxes, Feijóo intends to lower them within the first three months of his administration, specifically the personal income tax (IRPF) for individuals earning less than €40,000.

In addition to this, he disclosed that he will not eliminate taxes on financial institutions and energy businesses, but he will eliminate taxes on great fortunes, in addition to having other measures eliminated.–65e2ef8829f15#goto5016–65e2ef8829f15#goto5016

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