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Trump guarantees $175 million to escape foreclosure

By knl9j Apr2,2024

According to a court document that was made public,

Donald Trump spared himself the embarrassing prospect of legal confiscation of his assets by filing a guarantee of $175 million with the American courts on Monday. This was in response to his conviction in February for financial fraud, which resulted in his being ordered to pay charges of $454 million.

As a candidate for his return to the White House, the former President of the United States had until Thursday to post this guarantee, which is equal to a deposit and is guaranteed by an insurance firm. This guarantee was made in this civil case in which he made a call.

A breath of fresh air is provided to him by this guarantee, despite the fact that he is required to be tried on criminal charges beginning on April 15th, this time in a case involving concealed payments to cover up embarrassing affairs in 2016, which is a historic first for a former president of the United States.

As of a week ago, the bond amount was reduced to 175 million dollars by an appeals court in New York, which alleviated the financial strain that the Republican millionaire was under.

“I deeply respect the decision of the court of appeal, and I will deposit 175 million dollars very quickly, within ten days,” the Republican candidate for the presidential election in November said in response to the fact that he had increased the number of vicious comments against his judges in instances in which he was being prosecuted.

Midway through the month of February, Donald Trump and his sons Eric and Don Jr. were found guilty of committing financial fraud within their real estate company known as the Trump Organization. They were each given a fine of 454 million United States dollars.

Throughout the decade of the 2010s, they were accused of having massively inflated their assets in order to obtain loans from financial institutions that were more favorable to them.

Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York State, promised to initiate legal seizures in order to recover the value of the fine when the sentence was handed down. She cited the building located at 40 Wall Street as the evidence.

The legal obstacle course is, however, far from finished for the former President of the United States, who breezed through the primary for his party’s presidential nomination and will face Joe Biden in November, barring any shocks, since he sees There are still four criminal charges before him. The former President is expected to face Joe Biden in November.

Beginning on April 15, he will be required to make an appearance in a court in New York in a case involving covert payments made in order to avert embarrassing revelations during the presidential election of 2016. These payments included a sum of $130,000 to purchase the silence of a former porn star regarding a relationship that Donald Trump insists is not true.

In the event that Donald Trump is found guilty at the conclusion of this trial, he might potentially face a prison sentence. This would be an unprecedented circumstance for a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

On Monday, Judge Juan Merchan, who will preside over the trial, issued a call to order to Donald Trump, prohibiting him from attacking his family or that of Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg. This decision was made after the former president broadcast attacks against the magistrate’s daughter on social networks at the end of the previous week. In this particular case, Judge Merchan will preside over the trial. A few days previously, the judge had placed initial speech limits on the Republican nominee, who continues to denounce a legal “witch hunt” against him. The judge had imposed these restrictions.

It is also necessary for the former president to be tried in two separate cases, one in Georgia and the other in a federal court in Washington, for his alleged illegal attempts to change the results of the presidential election in 2020, as well as in a separate case for handling sensitive materials after he left the White House in 2021. Following a number of postponements brought about by appeals submitted by attorneys for Donald Trump, it is currently uncertain whether or not the trials in these three cases will be held before the presidential election.

By knl9j

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