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The most watched Netflix movie this week is a scary thriller that turns Paris into a shark feast.

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The pursuits down the Seine, the swarm of bathers, and everything else you require for a summer that is filled with excitement and no time to grow bored

‘The Colors of Evil: Red’ shines at number one among non-English speaking films on the website that counts the number of views of Netflix movies and series. It is not even close to being in second place. It is possible that this horrific Polish thriller will be dethroned this Wednesday, which is the date on which Netflix announces the new leaders of its rankings. The film that is currently holding the number one position of the most watched on the platform is ‘In the Depths of the Seine,’ and it is expected to dethrone this Polish thriller next Wednesday.

There is a wide subgenre of films that are centered around sharks, and they frequently take place in hazardous and semi-unknown environments, such as the oceans or other locations throughout the world. This time, however, the shark makes its way to Paris, which is a relatively sophisticated region. A scientist who has been damaged by some traumatic experiences from her past will be presented with the challenge of convincing the authorities that a vicious shark is hiding in the river that runs through the French capital.

There is a competition that is about to take place in a few days that will put all of the eyes of the city on the river vertebra, and the authorities do not want to close the river due of this competition even though it is a poor moment. Not only did the heroes in ‘In the Depths of the Seine’ and ‘Jaws’ have to contend with the voracious sea beast, but they also had to contend with the avarice of their superiors, who refused to close the corporation in advance. This is one of the numerous similarities that exist between the two films. Season of summer that is prosperous.

It is really intriguing that This French show, which is directed by Xavier Gens and does not give the audience a moment of rest, is a nonstop experience. Gens had already signed ‘Frontera(s)’ in 2007, which was one of the most remarkable and heart-stopping films belonging to the new wave of French horror that swept the screens at the beginning of the previous century. In addition to that, he was in charge of the peculiar adaptation of the video game “Hitman,” as well as the latest, cruel, and as of yet unreleased in these parts “Mayhem!” To put it another way, the ideal brain to launch a good combination of suspense, action, and terror.

At the same time that a potentially lethal super shark is swimming in the Seine in Paris, an international triathlon is set to take place. Before this mutant sea creature takes the lives of some of the best athletes in the world, is it possible for a single scientist to put a stop to a massacre? Bérénice Bejo, winner of the Cesar Award, Nassim Lyes, and Léa Léviant are among the actors who appear in Under Paris, which was directed by Xavier Gens (Budapest, Cold Skin). and one shark that is quite hazardous.

The scientist, who goes by the name Bejo, decides to stop researching climate-related shark mutations when a ferocious shark with the nickname Lilith takes the lives of all of Sophia’s research colleagues. However, five years later, an environmental activist by the name of Mika (Léviant) finds a gigantic shark hiding in the Seine just a few days before the World Triathlon Championships are held in Paris. It turns out that the shark is the same one that Sophia was tracking. Therefore, the scientist decides to cautiously return to her work in order to prevent a disaster from occurring. At this point, it is up to Sophia, Mika, and Adil, a reluctant police officer, to stop a bloodbath from occurring before it is too late.

Will this film be nominated for any awards? “No” It was full of the typical clichés that are used in shark movies, and the middle of the movie was a little slow. However, I have to confess that I was startled in the last quarter of the movie, and despite the fact that I was rooting for the shark (there were simply too many idiotic people waiting to be eaten), I ended up liking the movie. On the other hand, I am a huge fan of shark movies; so, if you aren’t typically like shark movies, then this probably won’t be something that interests you.
In a summer thriller that is knowingly implausible but truly enjoyable, there is a shark in Paris. This film is deserving of its position near the top of a subgenre that is fraught with both success and failure.

When I was attending a movie screening almost precisely ten years ago, I unknowingly participated in a promotional stunt that was exceedingly corny by wearing a heart-rate monitor. I did this because the movie in question was rumored to be among the most terrifying movies that have ever been produced. My automatic answers would provide everyone with quantifiable proof of how terrifying it was. I would wear the monitor, and everyone would be subjected to my responses.

However, this strategy was unsuccessful because the movie itself was not very excellent. It was a generic found-footage horror film called As Above, So Below, and the core concept of the film was basically “Aren’t the catacombs in Paris scary?” It has come to light that they are not.

cloudy background with a monster in the foreground A look at how Godzilla Minus One became a massive success on Netflix, the streaming service that reigns supreme. Keep reading.

Or, at least, that is what I believed up until last week, when a significant correction named Under Paris made its way onto Netflix. Now, the core concept of Under Paris is basically “Aren’t the Paris catacombs scary… when there’s a massive shark swimming around them?” This is the central takeaway from the film. You are going to be happy to learn that the shark is helpful.

The film Under Paris, which is directed and co-written by Xavier Gens (Lupin, Gangs of London, Hit Man), is an action-comedy-comedy-comedy-comedy film about a big shark that finds itself in Paris. It is outrageously ambitious, persistently ridiculous, yet truly terrifying. “But isn’t that out of the question?” You have a question. “Aren’t sharks creatures that live in saltwater, and isn’t the Seine a river that flows through freshwater?” In addition, you are questioning,

“Isn’t the Seine a lot too cold to be able to accommodate a shark in a comfortable manner?” In the event that you have a particularly strong understanding of the geography of the area, you might also be wondering, “Hold on a second? Isn’t the Seine controlled by a number of locks that are somewhat complicated? It is inconceivable that a shark could make its way through those on its own.

“Shut up, idiot,” is the response to each and every one of these questions. Every few minutes, Under Paris will have someone dispute the logic of the entire premise, just to have someone explain it away with some type of wooly faux-scientific flimflam. This is because Under Paris is aware of all of your concerns, which is why it is doing this. It is more important to be concerned about other things. Consider, for example, the fact that a shark is swimming in the Seine during the very same week that the mayor is planning to hold a triathlon.–Co/10680745–66694f9c4cf07#goto7970–6669864554f79#goto7983

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