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The death of ‘Avatar’s producer ended shareholder

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The films “The Last of the Mohicans” and “Power Rangers” are only two examples of the films that he has worked on throughout his career. He has also worked with James Cameron several times.

The passing of Jon Landau has left the entertainment industry in a state of shock. One of the most well-liked producers in the business, he was also a co-responsible party for a number of the industry’s most significant achievements. However, it also signifies something else: the recognition that the Hollywood of a few years ago, the one that was governed by individuals and interests who were comparatively tied to innovation and culture, is vanishing.

‘Titanic’ and the two ‘Avatar’ films that have been released to this day were both produced by him for his major partner James Cameron, who passed away at the young age of 63. To put it another way, Landau was responsible for three of the four films that have ever made the most money box office. ‘Titanic’ was the first picture to earn more than one billion dollars at the international box office, and Landau was the producer of the film. He also holds a number of other records of distinction.

Landau was well-known for his extensive engagement in the films that he produced. He had previously planned in great detail, in collaboration with Cameron, the three Avatar films that are still to be finished being released. Furthermore, he had been actively involved in the development of the computer game that was inspired by the series, which was developed by UbiSoft, as well as the comics that were produced from the popularity of the series by Dark Horse. He could boast about a number of other things in addition to that, however.

He was already the executive vice president of production at 20th Century Fox when he was only 29 years old. This position allowed him to manage successful films such as Die Hard 2, Power Rangers, The Last of the Mohicans, and True Lies, at which point he became acquainted with James Cameron. It was during his departure from Fox that he discussed the possibility of rewriting his script for Planet Ice and employing it in the production of Titanic. As a result of the success of their partnership, he eventually became the chief operating officer of Lightstorm Entertainment, which is Cameron’s production firm.

In the numerous expressions of sorrow that have been expressed by a variety of Hollywood figures in the wake of his passing, there has been discussion around the fact that his participation with the films that he produced is no longer typical. On the occasion of The Talks in 2022, Landau himself made the following statement: “I could never sit at a desk and just approve things.” In addition to being a producer, in life in general. I would like to be involved, I would like to have a voice, and I would like to have an influence. (…) At no point in my life do I ever want to be that person who is sitting at a desk.”

There is a very different way of thinking Hollywood than there is now, where production firms are commercial conglomerates and cinema is simply another of its tentacles. Landau’s exit is therefore one of the last gasps of this very distinct way of understanding Hollywood. Today’s Hollywood has not only repeatedly shown an aversion to risk, which is detrimental to creativity, but it is also controlled by corporations that do not have their roots in the classic creators of films. These corporations are represented by companies that have been absorbed by media or telecommunications giants such as Warner, Fox, Universal, and others.

Although Landau signed, of course, like every great Hollywood producer, sequels and remakes, and was immersed in all the mammoth springs of the industry, his way of understanding the films was far from the shareholders’ tables that sign off on installment after installment of sagas that have lost all their original spirit. His career with Cameron is a wonderful example of this: despite the fact that he broke the record for the highest earning film in history twice with the ‘Avatar’ episodes, these films are original works that have their own mythology and that convey themes that are associated with a certain personality.

This is the reason why Landau was so involved in press conferences and presentations all over the world for the Avatar films. Additionally, he pushed to ensure that the comics, books, and video games that were a part of the franchise were authentic to the original concept that he had worked on with Cameron. People are grieving so deeply because, for Landau, a picture was more than just a series of (profitable) sausages, and this is the reason why people are so inconsolable.–668fb4a49c33f#goto9382


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