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Photos] Miami Beach seeks to end “Spring Break” excesses.

By knl9j Mar14,2024

Never before has Ocean Drive been so peaceful. After a series of actions taken by the municipality to break with the excesses of “Spring Break,”

the student holiday, the main boulevard of Miami Beach, Florida, which is accustomed to boozy parties and revelers who are only wearing scantily dressed, has become unrecognizable.

Each year, during the springtime, large groups of young people on vacation gather on the waterfront of Miami Beach for intoxicated parties that have the potential to quickly spiral out of control.

As night falls, the aroma of marijuana has almost completely dissipated from the area in front of the Art Deco buildings. The revelers are not obstructing traffic by dancing to reggaeton, and the seashore is not the typical location for an open-air discotheque.

The authorities, who are sick of the excesses that occur during the well-known “Spring Break,” have taken precautions to prevent disasters such to the one that occurred in South Beach, which is one of the most popular tourist locations in the city, when two people were killed as a result of shootings.

During the busiest weekends, Miami has closed all parking lots in the vicinity with the exception of one that charges $100. Additionally, the police presence and alcohol tests have been enhanced.

In addition, enterprises that serve alcoholic beverages are required to close their doors at eight o’clock at night. Bars and restaurants are not permitted to open their terraces on the sidewalk.

The decision to “break with ‘Spring Break'” was announced by the city in a video that was also published on social media.

Spending time at the beach, visiting a spa, or trying out a new restaurant are all examples of activities that we consider to be enjoyable. In the video, young people are heard saying, “You just want to get drunk in public and ignore the law (…) So we are breaking up with you.”

When Shannon McKinney was confronted with these new precautions, she became quite angry. The authorities had just denied her entrance to the beach at six o’clock, which is four hours before the beach’s typical closing time.

“It’s pretty crazy because all we had in mind was to have a good time,” she said. Our intention was not to encourage violent behavior. One student from New Orleans, who went to Miami with her sister and other friends, expresses her regret that they went on such a lengthy trip and that they are now spending money.

A few meters away, Conae Rhodes, a woman from Virginia who is 25 years old, is more understanding than the other person.

I can comprehend the reasons for their actions. She goes on to explain that there are always those who are either irresponsible or who drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

There is also a lack of consensus among the people who live in Miami Beach on these initiatives.

A guitarist named Joel Hernández, who is 54 years old, is aware of the necessity of enhancing security measures because, over the course of the past few years, he has witnessed the situation deteriorate during “Spring Break.” His opinion, however, is that the measures that have been imposed are “excessive.”

Given that I reside just a few blocks away from the center, it is a really complex situation for me. Because of the fact that everything is closed, we got the sense that we are approaching a battle zone,” he gives an explanation.

He goes on to say that, in the end, we do not have a sense of safety; on the contrary, we are even more terrified that something will take place.

At the Cuban restaurant that Janet Alvarado owns and operates, which is located a few blocks away from Ocean Drive, she expresses her disapproval of the economic damage that these actions do.

The assurance that she provides is that “now what we have is a lot of security, but without customers.”

By knl9j

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