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North Korea: Pyongyang launches ballistic missiles during Blinken’s Seoul visit.

By knl9j Mar19,2024

At the same time that Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the United States of America was in Seoul on an official visit, North Korea launched a number of short-range ballistic missiles on March 18. Over the course of a few days, following the conclusion of joint military drills between the United States of America and South Korea, these shots have been fired simultaneously.

According to reports from the Seoul army, North Korea launched a number of short-range ballistic missiles on March 18. This occurred during a visit to South Korea by the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Antony Blinken.

The South Korean military has expressed that it “detected the launch of what appears to be multiple short-range ballistic missiles” at roughly 7:44 a.m.

local time. This information was provided by the South Korean military. The distance that these missiles traveled before they crashed into the ocean was around 300 kilometers. in what is usually known as the Sea of Japan, which is located in the eastern region. Moreover, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have declared that they “share relevant information with the United States and Japan and stand ready to intervene.” This is an additional point of interest.

The gunshots occur at the same time as the entrance of the chief of American diplomacy, who arrived in Seoul the previous evening during the situation. As a result, the situation is occurring simultaneously.

His entourage claims that he was present at the third democracy summit on Monday and that he had a meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on Monday morning. This is in addition to the fact that he attended the summit. Additionally, it is a few days after the conclusion of joint military exercises that were conducted by the United States of America and South Korea between the two countries.

A spokeswoman for the United States Department of State claimed that these launches, along with other ballistic missile launches that have occurred in recent years, are in violation of various resolutions that have been enacted by the United Nations Security Council. A spokeswoman for North Korea highlighted that these launches “threaten” North Korea’s neighbors and “undermine regional security.” A subsequent statement was made by a spokesman of the group, which claimed that “our commitment to the defense of Japan and South Korea remains unwavering.”

According to reports carried out by the Japanese press, there were three short-range ballistic missiles that were launched. Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan, has expressed his disapproval of the North Korean government’s conducting of “repeated and very frequent” weapons tests. Due to this “series of actions,” Japan, the region, and the world community are all at risk of having their peace and security undermined. This is a risk that is shared by all of these entities. After that, he continued by declaring, “We do not tolerate it.”

Pyongyang has carried out a launch of a machine that is equipped with a hypersonic warhead for the second time in 2024, and these ballistic missile launches are the second time that this has occurred. On January 14, 2024, this machine performed its initial launch for the very first time.

Alexander Blinken traveled in South Korea on Sunday in order to take part in the third democracy summit that is being hosted by Seoul from Monday through Wednesday. The meeting is scheduled to take place in Seoul. Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States of America, is the one who proposed the idea of holding this conference. Members of civil society, as well as representatives from the government and non-governmental organizations, are present at this event.

The Secretary of State of the United States of America was also set to meet with his counterpart in South Korea, Cho Tae-yul, in order to discuss the prospect of strengthening the alliance between Washington and Seoul. This meeting was scheduled to take place as part of a strategy of “extended deterrence” against the regime of North Korea.

Thursday marked the conclusion of the annual large-scale exercises under the name “Freedom Shield” that Seoul and Washington carry out in conjunction with one another. Exercises such as missile interceptions and air assaults were included in these drills. When compared to the year 2023, the number of soldiers who participated in the event has increased by a factor of two.

A warning was issued by Pyongyang at the beginning of March, stating that the United States of America and South Korea will be forced to pay a “high price” for the drills themselves. The next thing that happened was an announcement that Kim Jong-un had been in charge of supervising a massive artillery practice. Pyongyang has stated that the practice consisted of troops stationed along the border with North Korea, which “put the enemy’s capital within their reach.”

“This is a very calculated maneuver on the part of Pyongyang, firing several missiles shows that the regime is capable of such an act even when the highest American diplomat is on the spot,” Professor Choi Gi-il, an expert in military studies at Sangii University, said in an interview with AFP. Choi Gi-il is a professor at Sangii University. Choi Gi-il is a student at Sangii University and a resident there.

According to Han Kwon-hee, who works for the Korea Association of Industry Studies, it is regular practice for North Korea to launch missiles “as a response” following joint military maneuvers between the United States and South Korea. This is the opinion of Han Kwon-hee.

It is Seoul that is considered to be one of Washington’s most crucial partners in the region. The United States of America has stationed roughly 27,000 American troops in South Korea in order to give South Korea with additional protection against North Korea, which is armed with nuclear weapons.

Only a few days have passed since South Korea and the United States ended their military drills, which Pyongyang views as a practice run for an invasion. The launches have taken place during this time.

According to sources, North Korea fired short-range ballistic missiles in the direction of its eastern waters at the same time that United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken was getting ready to inaugurate a democratic summit in South Korea, which is located close. The summit was scheduled to take place in South Korea.

On Monday, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States of America made the announcement that North Korea had fired a ballistic missile that was not recognized in the direction of the East Sea. It is also possible to refer to this body of water as the Sea of Japan. The East Sea is a body of water.

It was confirmed by the Japanese Coast Guard that the launches had taken place, and they reported that the items appeared to have already fallen to the earth.

The launches occurred a few days after the United States and South Korea finished their joint military exercises known as Freedom Shield, which lasted for eleven days. The drills were conducted jointly by both countries.

North Korea has never been shy in expressing its disapproval of joint military drills between the United States and South Korea. It has referred to these exercises as “rehearsals for an invasion.”

This month, Pyongyang issued a warning that Seoul and Washington will pay a “dear price” for the Freedom Shield drills that took place this year. Pyongyang expressed this threat earlier this month. There were twice as many soldiers participating in the drills as there were in the ones that were held the year before.

It is estimated that there are approximately 27,000 United States military personnel stationed in South Korea, which is where the drills were carried out.

This is the most recent in a series of military demonstrations that have taken place this year. On January 14, North Korea launched a missile that was tipped with a manoeuvrable hypersonic payload. The test that took place on Monday was the most recent in the series.–65f93ab50f3d6#goto5413

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