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More conservative minority. US Democrats are losing voters.

By knl9j Mar23,2024

Once upon a time, the most conservative African Americans continued to vote Democratic. They did so out of appreciation for the outcomes that were brought about by the civil rights movement and out of loyalty to the common sense of closed communities. This is changing in the present day, and it is possible that Biden’s recovery of a portion of the white electorate that is better educated will not be sufficient.

The long-standing advantage that the Democrats have enjoyed with voters who identify as Black, Latino, or Asian American has been reduced to its lowest position in more than sixty years, according to new research. This has created a significant vulnerability for President Biden and the Democrats in Congress.

Why it is Important: It comes as a complete surprise that one of the most devoted members of the Democratic coalition is jeopardized. Since President Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected in the 1950s, the number of black and Hispanic men who voted Republican increased to levels that had not been seen before.

In the grand scheme of things, Latinos, who make up the largest non-white demographic in the country, continue to tilt Democratic. Nevertheless, over the course of the past twenty years, they have shifted toward the Republican party, and they are no longer the unquestionable Democrats that they were in 1960, when John F. Kennedy ran for president.

Based on the findings of a comprehensive analysis of polling data, John Burn-Murdoch, a columnist for the Financial Times and chief data reporter, discovered that the advantage that the Democrats have among voters of African-American, Latino, and Asian descent is at its lowest level since the year 1960.

The results of a poll conducted by Siena College and the New York Times on March 2 revealed that among non-white Americans, President Biden was still ahead of former President Trump by a mere 56 points to 44.

According to Burn-Murdoch, this is a group that Biden won by a margin of about fifty points when the two men fought it out for the White House of the United States in the year 2020.
The drop-off occurs despite the fact that Trump has made a number of racist and discriminatory comments against people of color and immigration. This is the intriguing part.

In addition, it comes after a number of talking heads within the Democratic Party have projected for years that demographic shifts based on race and ethnicity will give the Democrats a political majority for decades from now.
In between the lines: “A good portion of this is due to memories that are fading and ties that are weakening.” According to Burn-Murdoch’s writing, “Black Americans who lived through the civil rights era continue to possess a very high level of support for the party, whereas younger generations are showing signs of uncertainty.”

The majority of non-white voters in the United States have, for a long time, had beliefs that are significantly more conservative than their voting patterns would suggest, he added.

It is important to keep in mind that not all persons of color have strong connections to the Civil Rights Movement. Representative Mike Madrid, a Republican strategist headquartered in Sacramento, stated that a significant number of their families arrived in the United States after the 1960s.

At the time of the Civil Rights movement, Madrid stated that the Latino population was relatively tiny. There are a limited number of children who are aware of the names of civil rights activists such as Gus Garcia, Héctor P. García, and Dolores Huerta who are immigrants who arrived after the 1960s.

“Democrats cannot conceive that non-white voters are anything other than civil rights voters,” he explained to reporters. They believe that all Latinos should be treated in the same manner as farmworkers or people who are without documentation. However, that only accounts for a fraction of 95% of us.”
What they are saying: Sisto Abeyta, a Democratic political consultant in New Mexico, tells Axios that Democrats need to make a significant shift in the messages that they send out.

Over the course of the past twenty years, Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans have all experienced upward job mobility. According to Abeyta, the rhetoric of the Democrats regarding the Great Society is unresonant.
Some Latinos may not find the Democratic Party’s emphasis on abortion rights and environmental protection to be enticing. Abortion is typically seen through the lens of white women. Getting an electric vehicle is less of a challenge than fighting climate change.

“My gente [people] are not interested in purchasing an electric vehicle. In reference to the traditional low-riders that are found on muscle cars, Abeyta stated, “My people like to ride slow and low.”
There is a flashback to the year 2022, when Asian Americans demonstrated that they were an important voting group. The removal of three progressive school board members from office was approved by a vote of overwhelming majority in San Francisco.

Parents who were of Asian American descent were upset that the board had taken so long to reopen the schools. There were also a number of people who were concerned about the intentions to use a lottery admissions system at a prominent high school in the area.–65fe75a14b6c9#goto5540

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