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Joe Biden, ridiculed for his age, wants to get fitter.

By knl9j Jul5,2024

Democrats are concerned about the US president after his unsuccessful debate with Donald Trump. He is aware of how to improve, though.

USA – He has discovered the remedy. Joe Biden, whose chances of winning the US presidential election are being called into question following his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump, in which he looked incredibly thin, has disclosed how he plans to look better.

The 81-year-old president welcomed Democratic governors to the White House to reassure them of his eligibility to run in the election on November 5th. His presence on CNN has continued to spark controversy. The meeting was held on July 3, a Wednesday.

According to the New York Times, Joe Biden disclosed to his elected officials this Thursday, July 4, how he planned to demonstrate his continued vitality. In order to get more sleep, he intends to stop scheduling activities after 8 p.m.

Joe Biden is going to relax

The observation is not accidental. He had, in fact, a few moments before explained his lackluster performance against Donald Trump by citing exhaustion from his travels overseas, particularly from France, and from spending almost a week preparing for the debate. He supposedly failed to recuperate from his travels despite taking naps every day, and he even went so far as to say that he nearly “fell asleep on stage” when taking on his adversary.

It’s reported that Joe Biden, who frequently makes jokes about his advanced age, realized he needed to put in a bit less work. He claimed that although his team had previously alerted him, he had not yet taken their advice into consideration. Considering the last week and the mounting criticism, it appears that the president has finally decided to let up.

Kevin Munoz, a campaign spokesperson for Joe Biden, on to say, “President Obama had dinner at 6:30 p.m., and President Bush went to bed at 9 p.m. Like all presidents, Joe Biden must strike a balance.” And he responded, “That’s not the same rigor as Donald Trump, who spends half his day giving tirades on Truth Social [the social network he created after being banned from Twitter, editor’s note].”

A farce that falls flat

Joe Biden informed governors that his cold required him to visit a physician following the debate. Following the discussion, his team initially pointed to his cold as the reason for his raspy voice and lack of enthusiasm on stage.

Politico made it clear that Monday’s appointment was brief and did not constitute a full physical examination. But on Wednesday, during her daily briefing, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre gave the assurance that the president had “not been examined” in relation to this well-known “cold”.

The Democrat even joked, dismissing any health issues in front of the governors, saying, “I’m OK… However, I’m not sure about my brain.” A comment that some conference attendees took as a jest did not sit well with others. In a subsequently released press release, a campaign staffer even had to stress that it was, in fact, a joke.

One thing is certain: Joe Biden plans to continue running for president, even in the face of mounting skepticism from Democrats. He reaffirmed on Thursday, saying, “You can rely on me.” I do not intend to depart.”


By knl9j

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