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International reactions follow the Gaza death of 112 Palestinians.

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Gaza Strip, RAFAH – Source: A day after witnesses and health officials in Gaza stated that the killings were caused by an airstrike by Israeli troops, the deaths of at least 112 Palestinians who were seeking humanitarian relief in Gaza City provoked considerable responses from around the world. Israel is not in agreement with this account of the event.

The incident that occurred in Gaza was described as “extremely alarming” by the White House, and it was also criticized by prominent leaders from Europe and around the world, who demanded that comprehensive investigations be conducted into the occurrence.

The head of a hospital in Gaza, where some of the injured in the gory incident near the relief convoy are being treated, stated on Friday that more than eighty percent of them had gunshot wounds, which suggests that Israeli soldiers had opened fire on the crowd. The incident occurred near the aid caravan.

As massive groups of people flocked to get aid from humanitarian trucks on Thursday, witnesses reported that Israeli soldiers opened fire nearby, resulting in the deaths of at least 112 Palestinians and injuries to more than 750 others. According to health officials, the incident occurred when Israeli forces opened fire. Israeli forces fired at several persons in the crowd whom they claimed were moving towards them in a threatening manner, and Israel claims that many of the dead were crushed in the subsequent brawl. Israel also claims that its soldiers fired at the crowd.

A total of 176 injured individuals were sent to Al-Awda Hospital, with 142 of them suffering from bullet wounds, according to the acting director of the hospital, Doctor Mohammed Salha, who informed The Associated Press. Another 34 people were hurt as a result of the mess.

Because their bodies had been sent to government hospitals for the purpose of counting, he was unable to tell what caused the deaths of individuals who had been killed.

A spokesman for the Israeli army stated in a video that was uploaded to social media platform X that Israeli troops fired warning rounds into the air in order to disperse the throng.

“A crowd attacked a convoy of trucks around 4.45 in the morning, which resulted in the trucks coming to a complete stop. The tanks that were present to provide protection for the convoy witness people being crushed by the mob, and they make a meticulous attempt to disperse the crowd by firing some warning shots. This is something that can be seen in the clip. The Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagari indicated that the unit commander made the decision to evacuate in an effort to avoid causing injury to the thousands of Gazans who were present. This decision was made when the number of people increased from hundreds to thousands and things were out of control. That the Israeli Army did not launch an assault on the relief convoy is something that I want to underline. Instead, the Israeli army was carrying out a humanitarian operation despite the situation. Not because we are fighting against the people of Gaza, but because our war is against Hamas, that is why we were there.

To the contrary, Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian representative to the United Nations, referred to the event as a “cruel massacre.”

His statement was directed toward the individuals who were there at the scene. “According to our information, dozens of them had bullets in their heads,” he stated. It is not about firing shots into the air in order to restrict people because of the chaotic and confusing scenario that has arisen. It was a murder committed with purpose.”

The bloody incident highlights how the disarray that has been produced by Israel’s five-month offensive has impeded efforts to transfer aid to Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians, of whom the United Nations estimates that a quarter are in danger of hunger.

As a result of difficulties in “coordinated with the Israeli army, constant fighting, and a lack of public order, with crowds of desperate people flocking to aid trucks,” the United Nations and other aid organizations are calling for safe corridors to be opened for aid convoys. They are stating that it has become nearly impossible to get aid to a significant portion of Gaza.

The famine is even more severe in the north, where several hundred thousand Palestinians are still living, according to authorities from the United Nations. This is despite the fact that the northern region of Gaza has been blocked off and a significant portion of it has been devastated since the beginning of the Israeli ground onslaught at the end of October. Due to constraints imposed by the military and a lack of security, United Nations agencies have not been able to provide aid to the north for the past month. However, some deliveries have been made by other groups that have reached the area this week.

A motorcade was not scheduled by the United Nations on Thursday. On the other hand, it appears that the Israeli military was keeping a close eye on the trucks. Indeed, the Israeli military claims that its personnel were providing protection for the trucks when they entered northern Gaza. As a result of the subsequent gunfire and bloodshed, questions have been raised regarding whether or not Israel will be able to keep order if it plans to carry out its plan for Palestinian territory after the conflict.

Israel would be responsible for political control and security over the Gaza Strip for an indeterminate amount of time, according to a proposal that was offered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This plan would practically be a reoccupation of the land, and it would take place after Hamas was destroyed. In accordance with the idea, the land would be governed by Palestinians selected by Israel; however, it is not apparent whether any of these individuals would be willing to comply.

This indicates that Israeli forces, which have responded with severe fire to whatever they perceive to be a possible danger during the entirety of the conflict, are currently monitoring a population during a time when the international community is urging the implementation of a significant post-war reconstruction and humanitarian operation.

In a statement released yesterday, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan accused Israel of firing on civilians. Increasing the number of secure passageways for the delivery of humanitarian aid was something they demanded. In addition, they asked the international community to take urgent action in order to exert pressure on Israel to comply with international law and to come to an agreement on an immediate ceasefire.

The episode was described as “extremely alarming and deeply troubling” by a spokesman for the White House, who also demanded that a comprehensive investigation be conducted.

There will be an impact on international efforts to achieve an agreement on a temporary cessation of combat and the release of hostages held by Hamas, according to President Joe Biden, who met with the President of Egypt and the Emir of Qatar on Thursday. Biden stated that the events that have occurred in Gaza will have an impact on these efforts.

An frightening statement was made by Pat Ryder, a spokesman for the Pentagon, regarding the horrific violence that occurred in Gaza during assistance deliveries.

It is frightening to hear the reports. Clearly, the tragic nature of this conflict is demonstrated by this situation. The tragic loss of innocent lives has left us in a state of profound sorrow.It has been noted by Mr. Ryder that “a very high number of civilians have been killed in Israel’s military operations, and we continue to reiterate that civilians must be protected.”

Health officials in Gaza, which is run by Hamas, have reported that the number of persons who have been killed as a result of the conflict between Israel and Gaza has already surpassed 30,000.

In a post on X, French President Emmanuel Macron voiced his horror over the attack and called for the promotion of truth, justice, and respect for international law.

Ursula von der Leyen, the leader of the European Union, expressed being “extremely concerned by the images from Gaza” and demanded that a comprehensive investigation be conducted into the incident.

In response to Algeria’s request, the United Nations Security Council convened in New York City on Thursday evening before the doors were locked.

The Secretary-General is dismayed by the unfortunate number of people who have lost their lives in the conflict in Gaza… He expresses his disapproval of the incident that took place in Gaza, where it is estimated that more than one hundred Palestinians were murdered or injured while attempting to obtain supplies that could save their lives. The spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric stated that the desperate population in Gaza require immediate assistance. This includes the people living in northern Gaza, where the United Nations has been unable to send relief for more than a week.

In addition, the League of Arab States, China, and Iran all issued statements condemning the action.–65e2d9fdcaa5c#goto5010’

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