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Does Javier Ungría appear in ‘Survivors’ for financial gain?

By knl9j Mar21,2024

The businessman, who is currently in the midst of the divorce proceedings with Elena Tablada, has deviated from his customary principle of prudence in order to take part in the Telecinco competition.

The revelation of Javier Ungría’s identity has emerged as a significant surprise in the Survivors 2024 season. In spite of the fact that he is not typically one to intentionally expose himself in front of the cameras, the businessman has decided to break his usual prudence in order to make the transition to television and become actively involved in the reality program.

Even though he is in the midst of the divorce process with Elena Tablada, which is a separation in which both parties are fighting for custody of their shared daughter, he goes ahead and performs all of this. In light of the recent media uproar, one could find themselves wondering why Ungría is suddenly taking the initiative to join the front line.

The contestant, like his companions, will earn a high weekly fee for his stay in Honduras; however, this does not mean that he has joined the adventure of the format produced by Cuarzo because he is in need of financial assistance. This is a conjecture that we must investigate in order to determine the financial situation of the companies that are operating under their name.

Additionally, Javier Ungría, in collaboration with his partner, Marcos Diéguez, operates a restaurant in Madrid. He is responsible for managing six firms, the majority of which are in the investing industry. The account balances that are placed in the Commercial Registry reveal that these firms have inconsistent results, with the businessman making millions of dollars in earnings but also suffering significant losses throughout the course of the operation.

Infobae Spain has been granted access to these records, which contain the financial information of four firms in which Ungría serves as an administrator, either independently or in collaboration with other corporate entities. The most significant of these is Grupo Paramus, a Limited Company that he and his sister Beatriz jointly have the responsibility of managing. Despite the fact that this company reported losses of 460,155 euros in 2022, the most recent year for which it provided statistics, the corporation reports that its assets amount to 80.6 million euros.

Ungría Patentes y Marcas SA is a company that is dedicated to “the acquisition, possession and/or transfer, on its own account, of all types of securities and/or effects of commerce, issued by public and private entities, national or foreign, within the applicable regulations.” Grupo Paramús SL, in turn, owns 99% of the shares of Ungría Patentes y Marcas SA.

At the very least until the year 2022, this is the only profitable company owned by Javier Ungría. During that particular year, the company achieved a turnover of more than 16.5 million euros, which brought about a profit of 2,059,000 euros for the business operations. In addition to this, the combined value of its assets exceeds 23.8 million.

Saceda Ulam SL is the third of the firms that Elena Tablada’s still husband owns. The company’s name comes from the fact that it engages in the “acquisition, exploitation under a lease, enjoyment, and sale on its own account of real estate and fixed or variable income securities.” In the year 2022, this particular enterprise, which Ungría is the only administrator of, experienced a turnover of 230,000 euros. However, the balance of the business was negative, with losses amounting to 95,241 euros.

Finally, the businessman is in charge of managing Haches Hostelería SL, a micro-business that was created in 2016 and has eight employees. Through this micro-business, he operates his restaurant in Madrid, which went into operation in 2017 and is located in the exclusive area of Salamanca in Madrid. This particular business, on the other hand, has a negative figure of 5,709 euros in its results, despite the fact that it has a turnover of more than 471,000 euros.

From this perspective, it can be observed that the businesses under Javier Ungría’s name have incurred losses amounting to more than half a million euros. However, this does not necessarily indicate that their economic condition is unfavorable. This is especially true when taking into consideration the fact that Ungría Patentes y Marcas SA has achieved profits exceeding two million euros.

Despite this, the businessman’s time spent on Survivors is providing us with the opportunity to learn about the most vulnerable and intimate side of his personality. As a matter of fact, a few days ago, he broke down in tears in front of the cameras after getting a live message from his daughter.

He also sent a message to Elena Tablada. ” I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who assisted her in accomplishing this,” he stated through tears. She expressed her feelings about her daughter by saying, “She means everything to me, everything I have done in life since she was born is for her.” She also apologized to her daughter in real time if he had ever failed to be “the father she deserves.”

When the contestant was asked about his former partner’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars, he did not hesitate to wish him the best of success and expressed his excitement at the opportunity. “Of course, I want Elena to move on with her life; the more favorable circumstances appear for her, the better.” Moreover, he made the following statement: “It is a fact that she will be better off, my daughter will be better off, and we will all be better off.” I am overjoyed if she is content with her life.–65fbd1c946b31#goto5470

By knl9j

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