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Athletics. USA’s McLaughlin-Levrone breaks 400m hurdles world record

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At the conclusion of the American Olympic selections, which took place on Sunday, June 30, in Eugene, Oregon, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, the reigning champion of the 400-meter hurdles, set a new world record with a time of 50”65 seconds.

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone, the reigning champion of the 400-meter hurdles, put an end to the American Olympic trials on Sunday, June 30, in Eugene, Oregon, by setting a new world record in the event. The event took place in Hayward Field, which is a stadium that is suited to her. McLaughlin-Levrone recalled after a challenging year 2023 that she would be the favorite for her successor at the Paris Olympic Games in a month (July 26 – August 11). The women’s 400-meter hurdles was the final event of the program, which took place after ten days of competition. McLaughlin-Levrone’s performance was a display of her ability to overcome obstacles.

I was startled by the time because my splits (between hurdles) weren’t as excellent as I had anticipated they would be. I knew I could run faster than 51 seconds, but I was surprised by the timing. On the other hand, I am overjoyed to learn that my form is satisfactory, and that there are a few aspects that I may still improve upon,” she stated. McLaughlin-Levrone, who trains in Los Angeles with renowned coach Bob Kersee, competed in the Rio Games when she was 17 years old. She went on to win two gold medals at the Tokyo 2021 Games, one in the 400-meter hurdles event and the other in the 4×400-meter relay.

At the fifth spot

Due to an injury, McLaughlin-Levrone was unable to compete at the Budapest World Championships in 2023. Despite having a number of impressive 400-meter hurdles performances in competitions, she did not run a single 400-meter hurdles race. After a tuning outing at the end of May and then a series and a half without pushing this week, the American athlete, who is 24 years old, gave it her all in the final for her fifth world record in three years, the fourth of which was achieved in the Hayward field setting.

She had previously broken the record for the first time in June 2021 in Eugene for the Olympic selections, after which she improved her mark in Tokyo two months later (51”46), then in June 2022 once more in Eugene (51″41), and lastly in July 2022, while she was still in Oregon, she became the world champion with a time of 50’68.

At the age of 24, her advantage over the other competitors appears to be enormous, despite the fact that Femke Bol, the Dutch world champion, came closer to her in the previous year (51”45), and she vows to give her a fierce struggle in Paris. “I would love to run with a time of less than fifty seconds one day, but I don’t know if it will be possible this year,” she remarked.

With a time of 50.65 seconds, McLaughlin-Levrone would have finished sixth in the final of the 400-meter flat race at the United States trials held last week. The world’s best performance of the season and the fifth-best time in history was achieved by his opponent Rai Benjamin, who won the men’s final in 46.46 seconds. His magnificent effort came dangerously close to surpassing the massive record that Benjamin had set.

After coming in second place in a Homeric duel at the Tokyo Games in 2021 while competing against Karsten Warholm of Norway, Benjamin will get the opportunity to exact his vengeance in Paris. In what is sure to be one of the most anticipated races of the Olympic Games, the Brazilian athlete Alison dos Santos has finally entered the competition.

Taylor bids this farewell.

There was a women’s 100-meter hurdles competition that was on fire on Sunday in Eugene, and the hurdles watched the rockets pass. The greatest world performance of the season was achieved by Masai Russell, who is 24 years old. She ran the final in 12 minutes and 25 seconds with a wind speed of 0.7 meters per second. This accomplishment places her as the fourth fastest athlete in the history of the discipline and positions her as a genuine candidate for the Olympic podium in Paris.

At the Games, Russell will be partnered by Alaysha Johnson, who had a record of 12 inches and 31 seconds, and Grace Stark, who also was 12 inches and 31 seconds. Nia Ali, who finished fourth in 12 minutes 37 seconds and went on to become the world champion in 2019, and Kendra Harrison, who finished fifth in 12 minutes 39 seconds and then went on to become the Olympic vice-champion in Tokyo in 2021, were the ones who bore the brunt of the ruthless trials at the end of a race that was unprecedented in its density. Only the first three competitors in each event qualified for the Games.مسحوق-لخسارة-الوزن-بسرعة-iraq.html–P%C3%A9rd/10694178–precio-en-mexico-265049902


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