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Amnesty International reported 1,153 executions in 2023, 74% in Iran.

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The NGO said that this is “the highest figure” they have seen since the extraordinary height of the death penalty in 2015.

In 2023, there were 1,153 executions worldwide; 74% of these were carried out in Iran alone, according to a study on the death penalty released by Amnesty International on Wednesday, May 29 and supplied to Radio Agency France. In comparison to the 883 executions in 2022, this indicates a 31% (+270) overall increase. According to Amnesty International, the number of death sentences issued globally rose by 20% in 2023 to a total of 2,428.

Since the extraordinary peak of 1,634 death sentences in 2015, 1,153 executions is “the highest figure” reported by the NGO. This is also the first time since 2016 (1,032 executions) when the known total surpasses 1,000. According to Amnesty International, “the number of countries carrying out executions has never been lower, despite this increase.” There were 16 in 2023 compared to 20 the previous year. The death penalty was only used in the United States for the American continent and in Somalia for the African continent; there were no executions in Europe.

increased application of the death penalty in Iran

The five nations with the highest execution rates in 2023 were China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and the United States. Of all executions reported, 74% occurred in Iran, and 15% in Saudi Arabia. In 2023, there were more executions in Somalia and the US than the year before.

According to Amnesty International, “the authorities have increased their use of the death penalty in Iran with the aim of spreading fear among the population and tightening their grip on power.” In particular, there were at least 853 executions in Iran in 2023 as opposed to 576 in 2022—a 48% rise. The murders “disproportionately targeted Iran’s Baluch ethnic minority, which accounted for 20% of recorded executions but only about 5% of the Iranian population .” Five individuals who were children at the time of the crimes they were accused of, together with at least 24 women, were put to death.

Unknown numbers in a number of nations

According to the Amnesty International report, the death penalty’s execution rate is still “unknown in China which remains the world leader in executions,” or “several thousand per year.” “The numbers pertaining to the use of the death penalty are classified as state secrets in China and Vietnam.” The NGO states that “for the year 2023, there is very little, if any, information available on certain countries, in particular Belarus and North Korea.”

Last but not least, when it comes to methods of execution, Saudi Arabia uses beheading, while Bangladesh, Egypt, Singapore, and even Iran use hanging. Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia, and even China, which uses lethal injection in conjunction with the United States, employ execution by bullet. There have been at least eight documented public executions: seven in Iran and at least one in Afghanistan.

Concerned about reductions, Amnesty International notes that there has been a “increase in the number of executions from 18 to 24” in the US. The fact that “bills targeting the use of execution squads have been presented in Idaho and Tennessee” worries the report’s writers as well. But Amnesty International is happy to report that as of right now, “112 countries have completely abolished the death penalty and 144 have done so in law and practice.”–Diaxil-%CE%9A%CE%AC%CF%88%CE%BF%CF%85%CE%BB%CE%B1-Deal-wi/10669837–diaxil-deal-with—greece-550359492

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