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After an enthusiastic address, Biden campaigned in critical states.

By knl9j Mar9,2024

In light of the fact that his State of the Union address was met with a largely favorable welcome, Vice President Joe Biden is taking his confrontational message against Donald Trump with him as he makes his way toward the presidential campaign on Friday.

With several crucial states on his agenda, the Democratic president, who is up for reelection in November, is seeking a second term in office. At the same time as his rematch with his Republican predecessor is getting began, he will first fly to Pennsylvania on Friday, and then he will travel to Georgia on Saturday.

The octogenarian will be traveling to New Hampshire on Monday, Wisconsin on Wednesday, and Michigan on Thursday that is scheduled for the following week.

This solemn high mass was transformed into an animated campaign rally by Vice President Joe Biden, who delivered one of the most ferocious State of the Union speeches ever delivered in the chamber of Congress on Thursday evening.

He has been quite vocal in his criticism of Donald Trump, accusing him of “submitting” to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and claiming that he poses a threat to the democratic system in the United States. In addition to this, he assailed the elected officials of the Republican Party, claiming that they were showing deference to the business magnate with their actions.

In addition, the purpose of this address, which lasted for more than an hour, was to alleviate worries regarding the age of Joe Biden. He interspersed his remarks with jokes, which were interspersed between two attacks.

As more and more money from donors comes in, Mr. Biden’s team has announced that he will now campaign in every swing state during the month of March in an effort to get his message out to voters.

According to the same source, Vice President Kamala Harris is currently traveling to the states of Arizona and Nevada with the intention of attracting Hispanic voters.

According to Jen O’Malley Dillon, the chairwoman of the campaign, “Joe Biden is on a mission to connect with voters where they are and bridge our divides.”

She went on to say that Donald Trump, who is struggling with a failing strategy and a cash-strapped operation, is purposefully alienating those who are decisive.

According to a calculation by AFP, Mr. Trump has already spent nine of his days in a courtroom since the beginning of the year. He is constantly being bombarded by business, and he alternates between campaign meetings and court appearances.

It is noteworthy that the Republican was compelled to pay fines of roughly $355 million for involvement in financial crime.

The most recent visit to Pennsylvania will take place on Friday, when Vice President Biden will fly to Philadelphia for a campaign event.

In 2016, a significant number of people from the working class in this critical state voted for Donald Trump over the Democratic Party. However, Joe Biden was able to rally them to his cause in 2020.

Currently, the Democratic candidate for president is trailing behind his Republican opponent in the polls. He has high hopes that his State of the Union address will provide him with a national platform to express his views to millions of Americans.

“Excessively partisan”
When Mr. Biden launched a frontal attack on Republicans on subjects ranging from abortion rights to the economy, he warned that freedom and democracy were in peril. He did not mention Donald Trump by name at any point, but he did allude to his opponent thirteen times as “my predecessor.”

In contrast to Republicans, who regularly interrupted or shouted him, particularly when he was speaking about immigration, Democrats cheered him and chanted “Four more years.” Each and every time, he responded.

As is customary, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, who was sat behind Mr. Biden, frequently shook his head in displeasure throughout the address.

“It was a speech that was extremely aggressive and hyper-partisan,” he remarked.


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