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A man charged with routinely molesting his eight-year-old daughter

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He was arrested in Madrid for sexually assaulting his daughter, who was eight years old, on multiple occasions.

An arrest has been made in Madrid’s Puente de Vallecas neighborhood for a guy who is 39 years old and has been accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, who is age eight.

During the time that the youngster was able to escape from her father and conceal herself in one of the rooms of the house, a relative reported the sexual assault that had occurred.

A majority of the victims of sexual violence are young women, making up half of the total.

A 39-year-old man has been arrested by the Municipal Police of Madrid as the alleged perpetrator of the numerous sexual assaults that his daughter, who is eight years old, were subjected to at his residence in the Puente de Vallecas district. The agents are currently investigating whether or not he also assaulted his other daughter.

‘El Mundo’ and police sources have verified to EFE that the arrest took place on Saturday after the guy attempted to harm the juvenile. However, the minor was able to flee and lock herself in one of the rooms of the house, which led to the arrest.

It was during the time of the incident that the mother of the minor was working.
The Municipal Police were dispatched to the residence, which was situated on Mestanza Street in the capital city, after a member of the family became aware of the situation. This was due to the fact that the mother of the youngster was employed at the time.

The girl disclosed that her father had attempted to touch her in a sexual manner, and she reassured the guardian agents, who are in charge of the investigations, that this was not the first time that anything like this had occurred.

An investigation is currently being conducted to determine whether or not the guy could have committed the same act of sexual assault on his other daughter, who is ten years old. The man was arrested on suspicion of committing a crime of sexual assault, with the aggravating factor of kinship.

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The District Court accepted the guilty plea of the 31-year-old male, who cannot be identified in order to protect the identity of his daughter. The guy pleaded guilty to 51 offenses.

Among these charges was the distribution of content in online chat rooms for the purpose of discussing the mistreatment of infants.

In addition to this, he disclosed information on his own abuse of his daughter, which the court was informed began when she was between the ages of three and four years old.

It was discovered that the specific specifics of some of the man’s crimes would not be read in open court because, according to Judge Linda Black, the nature of these crimes was “horrific,” “graphic,” and “distressing.” This was brought to the attention of the family members of the little girl who were following the proceedings.

Instead of receiving the information verbally, the court received it in written form and informed the individual that the material demonstrated “how far from humanity” he had drifted.

According to the testimony presented in court, the man’s initial offenses occurred in 2019, when he used his mobile phone to make two indecent recordings of a child who was only seven years old and was the child of a family friend.

At the same time, the father visited internet chat forums and discussed the fact that he had abused his daughter while she was a newborn infant.

The prosecutor stated that he may have considered the child to be “currency” because he sent a photo to a particular individual in which his daughter looked to be holding a piece of paper that showed their chatroom username.

After conducting a search warrant at the man’s residence in September 2022, the authorities discovered the offenses and took possession of his computer devices.

After an investigation, it was discovered that they contained tens of thousands of photographs and videos depicting young children, some of whom were infants, being molested.

Nothing that the man’s attorney could say on behalf of his client was intended to downplay the gravity of the offense that his client had committed, according to the attorney.

The early guilty pleas that the defendant entered, according to him, were the most important mitigating aspect in the case. He stated that these admissions demonstrated that his client had fully accepted responsibility for what he had done.

When the father was initially questioned by the police, he expressed interest in reuniting with his daughter. However, the attorney stated that he now understood that he had given up the opportunity to have any type of contact with his daughter.

He stated that the man’s internet allegations that he had abused the girl when she was a baby appeared to be “bravado” because he maintained that he had only begun to commit offenses against her when she was perhaps three or four years old.–4otjhb2rnfabary


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