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President Trump’s Georgia trial judge lets prosecutor Willis stay.

By knl9j Mar16,2024

The prosecutor’s plea to be dismissed was denied by the court who is presiding over the prosecution of Donald.

Trump in the state of Georgia for illegal attempts to reverse the outcome of the presidential election in the United States in 2020. However, the judge did require that the prosecutor’s team be moved about.

According to the conclusion reached by Judge Scott McAfee, there was not enough evidence to support the existence of a “conflict of interest” in relation to the close relationship that prosecutor Fani Willis had with Nathan Wade, an investigator that she had recruited for the case. It was specifically asserted by the defendants that she would have gained financially from the situation.

Due to this ruling, a significant barrier that had been preventing the trial of the former president and his 14 co-defendants from taking place has been removed. The trial has not yet been scheduled for a date. As a result of being the subject of four distinct criminal processes, the Republican candidate for president in the election that will take place in November against the Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden is attempting, through his numerous appeals, to have the trial take place as late as possible, preferably after the election.

However, after reaching the conclusion that there was “an appearance of inappropriate behavior” and expressing disapproval of a “huge lack of judgment” on the part of the prosecutor, the court asked that the case be withdrawn, either by Nathan Wade or by Fani Willis and her entire team.

In a letter that he delivered a few hours later, the latter announced his “resignation, effective immediately.” He stated that he was taking this action “in the interest of democracy, out of loyalty to the American people, and to move the matter forward as quickly as possible.”

In response, the prosecutor wrote a letter stating that he would “accept this resignation, with immediate effect.” He expressed gratitude to him for having “the courage to accept this mission” despite the dangers that he and his family faced.

On his Truth Social network, Donald Trump expressed his happiness over the news that “Nathan Wade resigned ignominiously.” He also expressed his hope that the special prosecutor in his two criminal cases at the federal level would experience the same fate.

His attorney in Georgia, Steve Sadow, had earlier responded by saying, “We will use all available legal options as we continue to fight to end this process.”

Should Fani Willis have withdrawn from the case, this trial would have been significantly delayed. At the beginning of November, the prosecutor made a suggestion that it should open on August 5 and urged that all 15 defendants who were still in custody be prosecuted simultaneously.

The judge did not make any comments regarding a potential schedule, although he did imply that he would prefer to have two separate trials if there were still the same number of defendants.

According to the indictment that was released on August 14, specifically in accordance with a law in Georgia (southeast) on organized gang crime, four of the 19 individuals who were initially targeted by the indictment have already entered guilty pleas.

In exchange for their evidence at the subsequent trial of the other defendants, they were given reduced sentences that did not include any time spent in prison.

Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, and Mark Meadows, Mr. Trump’s most recent chief of staff in the White House, are among the individuals who are co-defendants in this case.

In addition, the judge who is in charge of the criminal trial of Donald Trump, which was set to take place on March 25 in New York, stated that the trial will be postponed until the middle of April. The trial was brought about by allegations that Trump made covert payments to a porn actress during the 2016 election campaign.

Attempting to fraudulently alter the results of the 2020 election, the Republican candidate has already been successful in postponing his federal trial in Washington, which was initially set to take place on March 4. He has done this by using his status as an ex-president, which affords him the protection of criminal immunity.

A ruling is anticipated to be made in June or even July, and the procedure will be put on hold until then. The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to take up the subject and has scheduled the discussions for April 25.

In addition, the trial of Donald Trump, which was supposed to take place on May 20 and was supposed to be about his alleged careless handling of confidential data, need to be postponed for a number of months.


By knl9j

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